Tonight when I went to bed, I thought about my friend who has started her last leg of her life journey at the nursing facility.  I haven’t seen her yet but I have heard that she has settled in and that she has taken to helping the other residents.  Tie a shoe, help them find their rooms.  Little things to you and I but to her she has gotten back some of her purpose.  In her old life she was a medical professional and helping others was her purpose in life.  As her disease took more and more away from her, we as her caregivers tried to let her do as much as she could but in the end it was easier for us to do it for her.  Now that we are not there to help her with every little thing, perhaps she has once again found her purpose.

Do we not all need a purpose in life?  I have often told my family that if I am stricken with some illness that renders me unable to move or I am unconscious , that they must bring to me lists of people and things to pray for.  This may sound really strange to many of you, but I cannot think of a greater purpose than to be in prayer for others all of my waking hours.  I cannot do this now because I am too focused on other things but should I be stopped in my tracks,  I could find great comfort and joy in knowing that I still could be of use to others by praying.  I believe prayer changes things and certainly can change people.  Hell would be having years of uselessness.  I always say we have two choices in every situation…to find a positive or wallow in the negative.  My friend has chosen to find positives in her horrible situation and you can too.  Look beyond yourself and your situation.  Find a “shoe to tie” or guide someone to their “room”.  The choice is yours.


About queenrobyn

61 yrs.old, wife, mother, grandma, artist, humorist, friend, caregiver, blogger, retired singer, rughooker, doll and mohair teddy bearmaker, born-again Christian, rebel, optimist, addicted Ebay shopper, collector (or hoarder as my husband would tell you), glamper, lover of all things old and worn (like me!)

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  1. Robyn, What a delight you are! I’m so glad I ran across this today, I chuckled through my coffee. It was bittersweet (a word you love) remembering our “slice of life” and realizing how much I miss my long lost friend. Patti

  2. You are one talented lady!! The creative juices in you are just overflowing!! While reading these posts one minute I’m laughing and the next I have tears in my eyes. I look forward to reading more!

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