Today I learned a lesson from my toddler grandson about pure joy.

He was on his first pontoon ride and at first he was very hesitant about moving about.  Guess he hadn’t gotten his sea legs yet.  Didn’t want to stand up or look over the railings.  But as the day went on, he became much braver  and liked to look over the back seat and watch the waves made by the motor.  We were on the water for a couple of hours and when we were headed back to shore, I looked at him and saw the face of someone basking in pure joy.  He was sitting on his grandpa’s legs, eating potato chips, a bottle of “good juice” in one grimy little hand, the wind blowing on his face and he was with the people he loves most in this world.  He probably won’t even remember this day but I will never forget it.  He knew what was important.  His face said it all.


About queenrobyn

61 yrs.old, wife, mother, grandma, artist, humorist, friend, caregiver, blogger, retired singer, rughooker, doll and mohair teddy bearmaker, born-again Christian, rebel, optimist, addicted Ebay shopper, collector (or hoarder as my husband would tell you), glamper, lover of all things old and worn (like me!)

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  1. Now that brought tears to my eyes. He may not remember but you are right, It is a memory you will cherrish forever!!!!

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