It’s 4;30am and I can’t sleep.  I am at a client’s home, on a cot in the living room listening to the sounds of a waking city.  The birds have started their morning calls….the original “Twitter”.   I hear cars out on Hwy 53 and I wonder if they are headed home or on their way to a job.   Just think, each person in each car has a life story and a history.  They have most likely experienced some pain in their life and some great joy (hopefully).  They have loved and been loved (hopefully).   They are full of hopes and dreams.  They want what most of us want.  To be loved and to be needed.

My  job is not at all glamorous nor well paying.  I do the most mundane of tasks.  No one will ever envy me or ask for my autograph.  I am pretty low on the totem pole of desirable careers.  But, I have the best job in the world for me.  Every time I come to my client’s home, I make a difference in their life.   Me, Robyn from the Park, I MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  Nope, I’m not saving the world, or discovering cures for diseases but I am easing the burden of someone who needs help.  For a little while, I carry that burden for them.  Their life is easier for a while and sometimes I make a small lasting dent in a life.  Tell me dear reader, how can you put a price on that?   And the beautiful thing about this is, it’s just not me out there.  There are probably millions of loving caregivers and homemakers out there today, making a difference in someone’s life.   I only hope that all of them feel the joy and the humility of being chosen to do this work as I do.

No, there will never be a movie or a book written about us but who cares.  We have the knowledge that we are changing lives, one person at a time. There is no accolade greater than this:  I MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Do you?


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