I think I shall reinvent myself tomorrow.  Why?  Why not!  Who says we have to stay the same?  I like to think we can transform ourselves any time we want.  Does it mean I am unhappy with the way I am now?  No….but I am a person who loves to “mix it up”.   I love the way Gaga changes and Katy Perry’s kaleidoscope of personas.  Do you have to be an entertainer to be like that?  Not as I see it.  Look at the trees that change colors.  Do they worry about what the rest of the trees will think?  No, they just burst forth with a profusion of color and it delights the eye.  Maybe that’s what I want to do….delight the eye.  Tickle a fancy.  Make someone smile.   So I change.  My new persona is going to be Urban Artist.  I see myself wearing only black and gray clothing….very Eileen Fisher-ish….unisex in shape…almost zen…BUT with bright, outrageous colored hair.  Now I can just hear some of you thinking, “You have already had bright, multi-colored hair”  and yes, that is true BUT I have never had my whole head one outrageous color!  OK, some of you are thinking back to the Bozo red incident and yes, that was bright but I am talking PURPLE or AQUA or PINK.    Of course, often my inner vision doesn’t quite translate well to my outer shell but what the heck.  Most of my clothes are black anyway and I had to promise to either keep or sell my other colored clothes as hubby has been thru these “metamorphosis'” before and he knows it won’t be too long before I change again!   And I am going to only wear vintage jewelry.  I have a HUGE collection of it so I might as well wear it exclusively.    Yes, Urban Artist it is.    I think there may be a new pair of glasses in my future, too.  Time to get new ones as my cool old ones are too weak and I can’t see much with them on anyway. OOoooooo, the possibilities of this new persona are endless.   I’m kinda like a big, walking, talking, blogging, Barbie doll….only old and fat.  But I can still buy it new outfits and change it’s hair and accessories and it can be anything my imagination wants it to be!  Life should be fun and I certainly try to have lots of fun in mine and if I bypass the paternal death curse, I shall have years more of reinventions!  I challenge each one of you who reads this to change ONE thing in your life. Even if it is only a new color pen or lipstick or the route you drive everyday!!!!!  Start small and let me know what you did.  Take a chance!!!!!!!  Who knows, this may be the start of a whole new you 🙂


About thelumberjackandthegypsy

The lumberjack is my husband and he owns Arrowhead Wood Products; Arrowhead Toboggan and Snowshoe; and Lake Superior Furniture Co. and is the exclusive manufacturer of wood shutters for Summit Hill Shutter Co. The gypsy is me, and I have a passion for teaching people to tap into their creative side, even when they think they don't have one! I did not grow up creative or artsy and I was in my thirties before I started sewing and creating things. I am a rug hooker; artisan teddy bear maker; painter (from pictures to large pieces of furniture!); knitter; doll maker; needle-felter, repurposer; sewer; decorator; blogger; glamper; reader; vintage jewelry maker; junker; and now a shop owner. But the lumberjack and I feel our greatest gifts in this world are our four grandkids and our daughter and her husband and our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been married for more than 33 years and most of that time we have lived out in the country on a hobby farm where we have raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, pigs and beef cattle. We also homeschooled our only child for her entire school years. We lived out our dream of being like the The Little House on the Prairie and they were great times. I also have a personal blog: where I tell stories of what life on the farm has been like and other things that pop up in my very weird mind. I prefer "quirky or eccentric" instead of weird (sounds more fascinating and less creepy)!

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  1. I think you are just fabulous. Please post pictures of your transformations. How fun!

    I also think that you might adore a good friend of mine. Her name is NakedJen and she is also quite the amazing person. Full of colored hair, crazy outfits, nakedness, and glitter!
    Follow her on twitter @nakedjen or her blog is here: She is also my friend on FB. She is just a beautiful woman inside and out. I hope she tickles ur fancy.

    Keep writing. I will keep reading.

  2. You have been reinventing yourself in wonderful ways for as long as I’ve known you – it’s one of your most lovable traits!!

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