Here I sit on a gorgeous summer day blogging when most folks would be outside enjoying this fine day.  In my defense, I did work all night and by all rights I should be in bed cause I am babysitting the grands tonight and need my rest but I felt a blog coming on and you know how that is, hold it in and you get “blogapation”!

I was sittin’ here eatin’ my beans and franks thinkin’ about fashion and visual role models and I got to wondering which model type do most human beings find alluring?  I just watched an Oprah special on the Kardashians and dang, say what you will about them but that Kim is sure a looker!  That got me to thinking when did we start to worship the Gywneth Paltrow’s and Kate Moss’s and those scary Olsen twins as the figure to aspire to?  Think back to the glory days of film and the posters of the most desirable women and there wasn’t a stick figure among them.  Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn, Rita, Betty Grable, Ava, Rosiland….those ladies had luscious booties and curvy figures and men went crazy over them.  I would love to see a study done where you line up gorgeous women of all sizes and then have men of all races, creeds and economic classes rate them on how desirable they are to them and see who is the most popular.  I wouldn’t use celebrities as they are so enhanced or altered but real life attractive women (as much as I hate that, you gotta be realistic. ) Then I would do the same test using women as the raters and see how different the results would be.  I think most women are brainwashed into thinking thin is better.  Not me.  I think the most gorgeous women on the planet are JLo, Fergie, Rhianna (whose first name is Robyn, honestly), Selma H, Adele and Kim Kardashian.    Who are your most gorgeous women (looks only, personality doesn’t matter in this game!).  Inquiring minds want to know!


About queenrobyn

61 yrs.old, wife, mother, grandma, artist, humorist, friend, caregiver, blogger, retired singer, rughooker, doll and mohair teddy bearmaker, born-again Christian, rebel, optimist, addicted Ebay shopper, collector (or hoarder as my husband would tell you), glamper, lover of all things old and worn (like me!)

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