I know, I know, enough with the farts but I can’t sleep and was thinking how certain stars might fart and I just had to put in on “paper” for posterity!

Brad Pitt-soft, laid-back, smells like weed

Angelina Jolie-small pops, each smelling like a different country

Madonna-sharp, machine gun like.  If something is behind her it will be injured.

Mitt Romney-can’t fart with stick up his butt

Obama-has someone fart for him so he can deny any knowledge of it.

Russell Crowe-full bodied, lager scented

Katy Perry-lyrical pops, fruity smell

Kim Kardashian-feminine fluffs, smells like money

Joan Rivers-squeaky sounds but comes out of ears since everything has been lifted repeatedly, moth ball smell

Usher-soulful sounds, expensive cologne scent

Justin Bieber-youthful rat-tat-tats, juicy fruit flavor

Martha Stewart-silent, smells of potpourri

Michael Phelps-wet ones, chlorinated

Queen Elizabeth-wizened tweets, reeks of centuries of history

David Copperfield-silent, scent disappears

Will Ferrell-loud, obnoxious, popcorn smell

Adam Sandler-see above

David Spade-see above

Rob Schneider-see above

Steven Tyler-old man sounds, patchouli

This was so much fun but I am exhausted so I will continue soon but please feel free to add your own to this list!

About madqueen54

The madqueen54 is a woman of many interests but proficient in none. A creative spirit looking for the one true skill she has yet to find. A woman looking for something to be passionate about. Writing has come easy to her, though she was never interested in it until the discovery of blogging. The words flow and she gets lost in her stories. Most are true. Some are embellished. A few are flat out fairy tales made up for entertainment value. It is up to the reader to decide which is which.

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