When I grow up:  I want to have long legs and thighs that don’t touch and wear stiletto heels and short skirts.  I want to have long, straight hair that shines and a dazzling white smile.  I want to have a voice that sounds like I have lived in foreign countries and have a slight accent.  I want to have a glow like JLo and dance like Beyonce and sing like Adele.  I want to wear a signature cologne and red lipstick.  I want to wear designer clothing and Jimmy Choo shoes.

When I grow up:  I want to travel first class  and stay in five-star hotels and tip bell boys lavishly.  I want to see all the famous sights and spend a week on a yacht.  I want to paint outdoors in Italy and France.  I want to dance in the streets of Spain and take a gondola ride in Venice.  I want to stay with a royal family in a real castle and walk at daybreak in the moors of Scotland.

When I grow up:  I want to meet Hillary Clinton and take her to a beauty salon and dress shop.  I want to sit down and ask Oprah and Barbara Walters questions that have real meaning.  I want to hook politicians up to lie detectors and ask them what their real agendas are.  I want to meet real-life heroes and teachers who made a difference.  I want to talk to people who have had near-death experiences and parents who have lost children.  I want to have a radio show and ask Ryan Seacrest what its like to be him.  I want to ask actors and professional athletes what makes them deserve such vast amounts of money for what they do.  I want to talk children with serious illnesses and to be with anyone who is dying alone.

When I grow up:  I want to build medical centers where no one is turned away or denied care because of a lack of insurance, where doctors can do what they are best at and take as much time with each patient as needed.  I want to feed the patients good, wholesome, healing foods and medications are a last resort.  I want researchers to have whatever they need to find cures.  I want there to be no politics, no kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies, no corruption in these centers.  I want the medical personnel to work six hour shifts and only five days a week.  I want everyone who works there to be there because they truly want to help people.  I want nurses to have a voice in the care of the patients and doctors to confess when they make a mistake.  I want bad doctors and nurses to be “called on the carpet” and dismissed.  I want better medical care and less screw-ups.

When I grow up:  I want to sing at Carnegie Hall.  I want to be in a hit comedy on TV.  I want to dance in Riverdance.  I want to write books that will make people happy to be alive.  I want a shop of my own where I sell one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and art.

When I grow up:  I want to live in a coastal village, in an art community.  I want to ride a three-wheel bike with a large wicker basket on the back and wear bohemian clothing and funky gold jewelry.  I want to live in a cottage on the beach and sit each day at dusk on the white sands in a cream-colored fishermen’s sweater and a plaid cotton skirt with an old quilt wrapped around me drinking a great cup of coffee and thinking what a great life I’ve had.  When I grow up.


About queenrobyn

61 yrs.old, wife, mother, grandma, artist, humorist, friend, caregiver, blogger, retired singer, rughooker, doll and mohair teddy bearmaker, born-again Christian, rebel, optimist, addicted Ebay shopper, collector (or hoarder as my husband would tell you), glamper, lover of all things old and worn (like me!)

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