My normal route to town is still closed so I am still going down the bumpy country road which at times is much more bumpy than others.  It truly gets a “washboard” feel to it.  I wonder what makes it like that?  You can actually see the washboard ridges in the dirt.  And you certainly can feel them.  I think I have lost some dental enamel from my teeth clacking together while driving down it.

I have two stories about that road that I’d like to share with you today.  So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, turn up the heat, and get comfy.

The first story really isn’t mine but I’m sure my neighbor won’t mind me sharing it with you all.  Last year a trailer carrying a piece of equipment hit the bridge on Hwy 7 causing it to close for a short time so we had to use the dirt road (as we are today).  My neighbor, whom I shall call, “Mrs. X”, was coming home from dropping her kid off at the local high school and saw another neighbor, who shall be named, “Mr. Y” riding his horse down the road.  She slowed down to say hi, when all of a sudden, his horse went nuts and ran into Mrs. X’s car throwing Mr. Y over the roof and smashing in the driver’s side window, side mirror and some of the door and fender.  And doing great bodily harm to itself in the process.  Needless to say, Mrs. X was quite shaken by all this and had in fact, gotten a serious shoulder injury that didn’t manifest itself until a short while later and was so bad that she needed surgery months later.  Mr Y was “under the influence” at the time of the accident and seemingly incurred no injuries in his flight over her car.   A sheriff was called and I wish that I could have seen the expression on his face when he got there and saw what had happened.  How many calls a year do you suppose he gets where a drunk is riding a horse and it goes nuts and rams into a car?  It must not happen as often as you may think because he didn’t know if he should issue a “DWR” (drunk while ridiing) ticket or even if there was such a thing.   And Mr. Y had no insurance.  Can you even get a policy that covers horse accidents?  Oh sure….it’s called a rider!!!!!!  (ho ho, I kill myself).    I was driving down the road last week when I saw Mr. Y riding a horse and he went up off the road and up on a hill as I drove by.  I think he must have learned something in all of this as have all of us in the country…..”FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS RIDE DRUNK”

My second story involves another neighbor whom we all refer to as, “psycho guy”.  This person owns quite a piece of land next to the river and has NO TRESSPASSING signs all over the place and most of the property is fenced in and he even has a big gate that is always closed in front of his driveway.  Paranoid?  Ya think?  We once made the huge mistake of going on his land thinking we were on a piece of property that was for sale and while I sat in the van, my hubby and young daughter went to scope out the land.  They were met by a furious man, swearing a blue streak telling them to get off his land.  My husband politely told him we had thought it was for sale and he was sorry for the mistake.  The man didn’t stop his filthy tirade as he followed them back to the van.  I cannot remember if he had a gun or not.  I just know I was very happy when we got back on the highway.  Other neighbors have told similar stories so we were not the only ones to think he was a tad bit overwrought.  Hence the name, Psycho Guy.   Anyway, last month I noticed a beautiful apple tree on his property but outside the fenced in area.  It had the most gorgeous red apples on it that I had ever seen in my life.  Not a speck of green on them.  Perfect red apples.   Maybe 20 feet from the road.  Very easily picked.  It got me to thinking….how is it that here is this one perfect apple tree right next to the road with these gorgeous red apples on it and no one has stolen them?  And what kind of apple tree has fully developed apples on it in August?   And not an apple on the ground?   I think it was a decoy apple tree.  I think Psycho Guy put a fake apple tree there just to see if anyone would try to breach his private property warnings.  Call me crazy but not one apple was bad or out of place.  And why just one tree?  And the apples were on the tree for at least a month and not one was on the ground.  We have an apple tree.  It never has had apples like his.  I have never seen such red apples.   Real tree or decoy?  What do you think?


About thelumberjackandthegypsy

The lumberjack is my husband and he owns Arrowhead Wood Products; Arrowhead Toboggan and Snowshoe; and Lake Superior Furniture Co. and is the exclusive manufacturer of wood shutters for Summit Hill Shutter Co. The gypsy is me, and I have a passion for teaching people to tap into their creative side, even when they think they don't have one! I did not grow up creative or artsy and I was in my thirties before I started sewing and creating things. I am a rug hooker; artisan teddy bear maker; painter (from pictures to large pieces of furniture!); knitter; doll maker; needle-felter, repurposer; sewer; decorator; blogger; glamper; reader; vintage jewelry maker; junker; and now a shop owner. But the lumberjack and I feel our greatest gifts in this world are our four grandkids and our daughter and her husband and our relationship with Jesus Christ. We have been married for more than 33 years and most of that time we have lived out in the country on a hobby farm where we have raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, goats, pigs and beef cattle. We also homeschooled our only child for her entire school years. We lived out our dream of being like the The Little House on the Prairie and they were great times. I also have a personal blog: rantingsofamadqueen.wordpress.com where I tell stories of what life on the farm has been like and other things that pop up in my very weird mind. I prefer "quirky or eccentric" instead of weird (sounds more fascinating and less creepy)!

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  1. Or maybe the sheriff won the coin toss and therefore the privilege of responding to that call…you know, something different…not the every day DWI.

    And why not ‘Robo-Tree’…they’ve got ‘Robo-deer’ to catch poachers.

    • You must have noticed the tree if you take the Hwy 2 to Independence Rd. to Albert to Bear Trap to Centerline detour! It stood out like the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden!!!

  2. LOL!!! I love your blogs, Robyn!!! They are so entertaining!!! It’s as if I can hear/see you telling the story if you were sitting right here in my living room!!!!!

    • Hi Jess! I write like i talk….good or bad. I hope that I give you a good laugh most days. I love your laugh and I can hear it in my mind and it makes me smile. Love you.

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