Here are some photos of the inside of my little camper.  I had already taken down the old curtains and had thrown out the old bed/couch cushion but am keeping the bench cushions for awhile just to use as a pattern for the new ones.

The first photo shows the dining area.  Notice the bunkbed above the table it is in the down position but it does fold up nicely but I wish it were in the rear because I would have liked to put some fun things up there for display.  Experience tells me that if I am foolish enough to think I would remember that the bunk was down while sitting at the table, I would be in for a rude awakening when I went to stand up so keeping it down where it is is not an option!  The table folds down and the benches pull out to make a bed.

Photo 2 is a close up of the table.  I love the rounded edge and the cool leg.

Photo 3 is a view of the rear where the couch/bed is.  I am somewhat hesitant to rip out the bed/couch frame as it is in such good shape but I hate those cubbies underneath.  They are so hard to clean and I will have more room if I use my little antique bed.  I should have room for a little chair and my electric fireplace on either side of the bed.  You can see there are two little gas lights on either side and they have plastic shades.  Not sure what I am going to do with those.  Wil have to rely on Mr. B to give advice.  Also if you look at the ceiling you can see the rough wood where the previous owner took the water damaged panel down.  I have to remove more of the ceiling so I will just remove it all from the middle down to the wall in the rear.  Hopefully it won’t be too damaged under the saggy panel.  

Photo 4 is of the kitchen area.  Tiny little sink with just a cold water tap and a pump handle.  Never saw one like that before.  The backsplash is in excellent condition and has a copper tint to it and the handles on the windows are copper colored.  Might try to incorporate a copper tone into the decore.  The cabinets are also in fantastic shape and are a light wood…maybe birch?  Will remove burner and repaint it and same for the ice box.  The lamp between the cupboards is gas.

Photo 5 is a close up of the sink faucet and pump handle.  Any one ever use one of these?

Photo 6 is the closet.  Nice and big and underneath is a storage area and the gas heater (which I am going to take out and replace with a porta potty of some sort!  At my age, I am not going to be walking to a bathroom in the middle of the night….more than once no doubt!)

Photo 7 is of the floor.  Original linoleum but it must have gotten damaged cause it is all ripped up at the rear of the trailer.  Perhaps he wanted to check on the condition of the flooring after the roof leaked.  I wish I could score a sheet of old linoleum.  Will have to search for that (oh darn, must mean I will have to go on Ebay!!!!)  Floor seems really solid to me.

And lastly is a photo of the icebox.  I can’t figure out how to open it yet so I am hoping it isn’t grody inside.  I may replace it anyway.

So there is the nickle tour.  What do you think?  Pretty good score for $500 woudn’t you say? I am one happy glamper wanna-be 🙂









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