ImageHow many of you know what these are?  A bit deceiving by the looks of them…you would think they were regular pants, right?  Nay, Nay, I say.  They are those horrid “cropped pants”.  Who in their right mind would wear a pair of pants that come up to the top of their ankles?  We used to make fun of women who would wear their pants too short.  We used to call them”highwater or flood” pants and only those women who had no fashion sense at all would be caught dead wearing them.  NO ONE looks good in pants that are made like these.  I love capri cut pants but they are tight to the leg and look chic always.  But these monstrosities are a look that even a Barbie doll would look bad in.  And it does not matter what shoe you wear….too short is too short no matter what.  Nor does color or material matter.  Ugly is as ugly does.  So ladies if you have a pair of cropped pants take my advice and throw them away.  Do not give them to a thrift store as no woman should have to suffer the humiliation that these pants provide no matter how cheap they are.  

And should you have been deceived by yet another fashion faux pas, the Gaucho pant/skirt, for the love of all that is good, throw them out, too.  This is another trend that has come and gone at least four times that I can remember and it sucked every time around.  Unless you are riding a horse with really funky cowboy boots on, no one should be caught dead in these.

No need to thank me….it’s just a service I provide on my little blog.  Stay tuned for more fashion updates…………..  


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