Because I am not often home at night to watch TV, I usually view the programs I have DVR’d a few days after they have aired and this week was no exception.  Last night I watched The Oscars and saw how we as a society pay such extraordinary homage to those that “entertain” us.  Not only do we pay them millions of dollars but we also fall all over ourselves to meet them and have our pictures taken with them (as if by standing next to them and having the proof of our “meeting” them, their greatness and desirability will somehow rub off on us and we will be the envy of everyone who sees the photo!) but what true value are these people to society?  Is their (and the whole movie crew, etc.) ability to take on the role of someone else benefiting us as a whole?  Is my life going to change by watching an actor pretend to be someone or something?  Sure, there are some movies that have the opportunity to change our way of thinking but are those not just the stories of other “real” folks?  Shouldn’t the accolades go to the real person and not to the person acting like them?  Is it me or do we have this all backward?

What really got me thinking about this was a segment on the TV show, “CBS SUNDAY MORNING” on the actions of an 8 year old boy at a Cracker Barrel store.  Perhaps many of you have seen the YouTube video of it but I had not.  The  story is that this boy and his family were walking into the store when the youngster found a $20 bill in the parking lot.  Can you imagine how excited that little fella must have been?  Heck, I’D be pretty dang excited!  I’m sure his little mind was racing with thoughts of what wondrous  things he could purchase with his new-found wealth.  But then he noticed a Air National Guardsman in the store with his family and this little man did an extraordinary thing…he wrote a note to the soldier and told him that “today was his lucky day” and gave him the money he had just found.  He told him that his family liked to “pay it forward” and thanked him for his service.  He signed it with his name and the words, “a gold star kid”.   (His dad was killed in Iraq just 5 weeks after he was born so he never even knew his dad.)  At the end of the segment, his mom said that after they left the store, he wanted to go to the cemetery to see his dad and he wanted to go alone. His mom took two photos of him….one showed his lone footprints in the snow to his dad’s grave and the other was of him hugging his dad’s tall gravestone tightly.

Now you tell me….who deserves the accolades?


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