HARPING:  to talk or write persistently and tediously on a particular topic

Do you know any harpers?

Probably most have us have had an occassion or two to harp about something.

Right now there is someone I know that is harping about a situation that most likely not going to change and all the harping in the world is not going to make a whit of difference in his situation.  It is only making him be pretty unbearable to be around.  At first you feel sympathetic to their plight, but as the days/weeks/months go by it becomes very tedious to listen to the same rhetoric over and over.

For more than two years I had to listen to AM morning talk radio.  Talk about harping! Eventho I might have started off agreeing with the host and his call-in cronies, day after day of listening to the same subject being discussed made me unsympathetic to the “cause” that they were droning on about.  ENOUGH already….

Politicians seem to harp on certain things when they are campaigning.  They say the same things at each whistle-stop.  If I was a politician’s wife I would have to have earplugs in and some kind of “happy” pill to get through the same speech time after time after time.

If you have a “soap box” to stand on please, for the love of mercy, change it up every so often to keep me interested.  There is more than one way to tell me the world is round.

So I will now stop harping on harping and go and see if I can catch a few zzzzzzz’s.  I have not yet been able to change my sleep habits and I see much more of the dark than of daylight….

Good night and sweet dreams,

Your Queen with the vampire schedule


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  1. Too bad that kids don’t know about records anymore, or we could use the skipping record analogy. Some people harp, or skip, about the same topics each time. It’s fatiguing to listen to them!!!

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