What I really wanted to do with the letter “K” was to write about Kim Khardashian.  There is so much I wanted to rant about concerning her, butt (pun intended) I had a little niggling in my conscience that it would be mean-spirited and this morning as I was perusing Facebook, this popped up and I was convicted that this was the “K” I should write about!



Kindness is so much more important to this world than any “celebrity” (oooo, I am having a hard time not dissin’ the KK phenom).

What does kindness mean to you?  And who is/was the kindness person you ever knew?  I really would like to know.

Kindness to me is “Christ’s love in action”.

We can proclaim that we are a kind person but do our actions speak differently?

Kindness manifests itself in so many different ways….a simple smile given to a grumpy looking passerby; a kind encouraging word to a harried store clerk;  a tender word spoken; letting someone get ahead of you in line or giving someone the right-a-way at a stop sign when it is clearly your turn to go; giving a heartfelt hug to someone having a bad day; bringing coffee or a soda to a busy co-worker or bottles of water to the folks working on your road; paying for the person behind you at the drive-thru or in the coffee shop; calling someone who is longing to hear from you or making time to visit; offering to babysit for a stressed out young mom;  I could  go on and on but you know how to be kind….there are hundreds of little ways to brighten up someone else’s life.

Ya, I would have had a lot more laughs dissin’ on old Kimmy but I am feeling good about what I wrote and in some small way, I practiced what I preached!

May you practice kindness each and every day,

Your ever loving Queen


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  1. Gramma Mitzi was very kind. Such a giver; she would make such delish foods for us…loved being with us and sharing in on our “work days” and she always could share in our laughs!!!!!

    • Grandma Mitzi was such a stitch…I will NEVER forget our time in the Dells and you guys kept teasing her about “do we have enough ice?”. I always felt we were accepted as family by her. I can only pray that my grands will have fun memories of me….


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