If not for Queen Latifah, I might never have found my own title of Queen.

One day I decided if she could go by “Queen”, why then could not I?  I promptly nailed up on the kitchen wall, a proclaimation that from this day forward, I would be Queen Robyn and to treat me as such.

imageSince that day, oh so long ago, I have made it my mission to encourage other woman to find the Queen in themselves.

image You may ask me why I feel I am a Queen and if you are a woman  and you  have to ask, I guess you will never be a Queen as you do not value yourself or your contributions to life!  I believe how you perceive yourself is how others will treat you.  So if I believe I am royalty, I will be treated as such (great in theory, but harder to pull off in real life, I’m afraid!)

image I have all kinds of “Queen” stuff throughout the house; mugs, crowns, pin cushions, t-shirts, if it has the word Queen on it,  I probably have it.  Most of my friends have gotten used to calling me Queen, and some are even privileged to call me by Queenie.   My daughter did put her foot down when I requested her children call me Queen!

image This must be the reason I am always, always, always late!

image This must be the reason I am really, really, really fat!!!!

Being a Queen does not give one the right to believe that they are better than anyone else.  A good Queen always makes sure her “subjects” are happy and content.  A good Queen will sacrifice her needs for the good of her kingdom.  A good Queen stands up for the sick, the lowly, the poor, the downtrodden, the “least of these” and does not care what the rest of society says is “true”.

image So next time we meet, I shall expect you to call me Queen but bowing down is not necessary, appreciated yes, but not required!

Now you know my royal story,

Queen Roby


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