I was wondering what I would rant about using the letter, “V” and then this came up on my FB page and my rant was born!



I am one of those weirdos that DO NOT believe in vaccinations especially not for infants.  Not because of any religious reasons but because I don’t believe in injecting babies with stuff.  Their little immune systems are not designed to handle an onslaught of viruses (dead or alive).  I have read up on much of the research that has been available for the past 25 plus years so I am not just following some “right-wing” whackos.

My second cousin has his doctorate in Public Health and works for the CDC and he is CONVINCED his son got autism from vaccinations.  This man has the knowledge and resources to delve into stuff you and I don’t have a clue about and if he is sure of his findings, well, then who am I to disagree?

We stopped vaccinating our child at age 7.   Other than getting the chicken pox at age 25, she has been totally healthy as have all three of her unvaccinated children.

My fear is if this passes, what else will the government force us to do?   Do you not see how we are headed for a government-run society?  We have already given up so many of our rights to this corrupt and dishonest government we have (both parties are at fault here so I am not just picking on the this administration).

People…WAKE UP….I feel like we are all just a bunch of stupid sheep following one another to the cliff and leaping off because the sheep in front of us have leapt to their death and we just followed along.

Every time we give up a right, we are one step closer to having NO rights at all.

My big question on this vaccination mandate is this:  IF VACCINES WORK, THEN WHAT DOES THE VACCINATED PUBLIC HAVE TO FEAR FROM THOSE NOT VACCINATED?????  Am I right or not?   Think about it….

Your unvaccinated Queen


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  1. I agree. Why do vaccinated children need to be protected from un-vaccinated kids? Or adults?

    Most vaccines don’t provide 100% coverage (Shingles is only 51% or 52%). Recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, my husband was told he needed to keep his flu & pneumonia vaccines current. The dr. said I needed them, too, so I wouldn’t bring the diseases home to him. During the decision-making process, I asked myself “Could I live with myself if the worst happened?” I decided to get the shots because it would be a very heavy price to pay if I’m wrong, and I know I’d blame myself. Worst case scenario: I would have less guilt knowing that I followed medical advice. I don’t agree with them, but I have to do what I can live with.

    • I agree whole-heartedly with you. We need to be able to “choose” for ourselves AND our children what works best for us health-wise. How would you feel if you were BY LAW mandated to get vaccines because you live with a person with a chronic illness??? We need to stand up for our rights or we will lose every freedom we have…Amen?


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