Those five words are the basis for every good report.  But in my life they stand for:

WHO:  who am I calling?  who broke that glass?  who am I supposed to meet tomorrow?  who was that person?  who is coming over?  who left just a spit of milk in the jug?  who ate all the ice cream?

WHAT:  what did I come into this room for?  what was I saying?  what did I say I was going to write down so I wouldn’t forget?  what day is it?  what was I thinking?  what have I done to my hair now?  what else can I buy?  what did I do with that thing I was just using?

WHERE:  where am I going?  where did I put that?  where am I going to get the money to pay for that?  where are my glasses?  where did I hide that chocolate candy?  where was I supposed to be?

WHEN:  when am I going to fall asleep?  when I am going to start a diet?  when am I going to organize my crap room?  when I am going to start exercising?  when am I going to stop shopping on ebay?  when did I buy that?  when did I ever think I would be that small?  when am I going to get rid of all these craft supplies?  when is this house ever going to get clean?

WHY:  why did I shave my head?  why did I buy that?  why can’t I have more self-discipline?  why did I just say that?  why don’t I return phone calls?  why am I the way I am?  why don’t I have more energy?  why did I wear that?  why am I getting to be a hermit?  why do I spend so much time online?  why was I born beautiful instead of rich?


With love from:

WHO?  Queen Robyn

WHAT?  Another inane post

WHERE?  Live from Northfield 7 Farm, in downtown Burnett (which is no longer called Burnett since the Burnett Store and Post Office closed down back in the 80’s, but technically I don’t live in Culver, nor do I live in Saginaw but that is my zip code but my  land line phone has the Alborn exchange number…dang, no wonder I don’t know if I am coming or going….)

WHEN?  Practically at the crack of dawn for me….9:30am

WHY?  Ha!  That is the $64,000 question.  Why do I write?  Why do you read them?  I write because I am a self-centered egotist who thinks her life is worth writing about but what is your excuse for reading about my life?  LOL

Have a wonderful day.  It is already humid up here and I HATE it.  Time to shut windows and turn on the AC.  Am supposed to go to a grad party this afternoon but my car has no AC so depending on how hot it is, I may be a no show…..gee, how odd is that?  How many days left till Fall?????



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  1. Why? Do I read your posts? Because I enjoy them. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry, sometimes you get me thinking and some times you take me down memory lane. All good reasons to continue reading your blog. And thank you very much : )

    • Oh Jyllie, (cool spelling, eh?) you are such a cheerleader for me! I so very much you taking time to read my rantings and to leave comments. It’s like “visual applause”. And so I say, in my best John Stamos impersonating Elvis voice, “Thank ya, Thank ya very much”!

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