When I thought about writing for the letter, “X”, the most obvious things came to mind;  x-rays, x-rated, xylophone.  Most obvious and the only ones I could think of so I went and Googled words beginning with “x” and a list of  obscure words came up so today you are going to get a vocabulary lesson.   I promise it won’t be boring (at least no more boring than the rest of my posts!)

XANTHIPPE:  (looks like a hippie on Xanax to me)  “an ill-tempered woman”

XANTHOCOMIC (a comic on Xanax?) “yellow-haired”

XANTHOCYANOPSY (an invasive medical procedure where you are given Xanax to help you get high so you don’t mind them sticking something big into a place where no man has gone before?)  “form of color-blindness in which only blue and yellow are distinguished”   (how weird would that be???)

XANTHODONT: ( A dentist on Xanax?)  “one with yellow teeth”

XANTHOPSIA:  (A hallucination brought on by too much Xanax?)  “a visual condition where things appear yellowish”  (gee, I wasn’t too far off)

XANTHOUS:  (Can’t leave the house because you took too much Xanax?)   “yellow or red-haired”   (Seriously?  the same word for a blonde or a red-head?)

XENAGOGUE:  (a temple where they worship the warrior, Xena?)  “guide; someone who conducts strangers”

XENIAL:  (Denial said with a French accent?)    “of or concerning hospitality towards guests”

XENODOCHEIONOLOGY:  (Some kind of study of dry, dusty, old women?)   “love of hotels”    (WHO KNEW?)

XENOGENESIS:  (Some kind of mythology?)  ” generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent”  (well, duh, aren’t all offspring unlike their parents?  Much to our dismay!)

XENOMANCY: (Some kind of currency?)  “divination using strangers”  (so do you go up to a stranger, pick them up, turn them sideways and start looking for water?)

XENOMANIA:  (What happens when you don’t take your Xenolithium?)  “inordinate attachment to foreign things”  (so does that mean if you fall in love with a foreigner you have it?)

XENOMENIA:  (Some kind of obsession?)  “menstruation from abnormal orifices”  (ok, if its menstruation doesn’t that mean it comes out of only one place?  Any other place would be called, “bleeding”?????)

XENOPHILIA:  (A foreign type of hemophilia?)  “love of foreigners”   (but not an inordinate attachment?)

XENOPHOBIA:  (A fear of Xenos?)  “fear of foreigners”

XEROTIC:  (An X-rated film???)  “dry”   (Seriously?  that great of a word and it only means “dry”????)

XYLOPHILOUS:  (A type of STD?   “fond of wood; living in or on wood”  (not even gonna go there…..)

XYSTER:  (A lower form of a shyster?)   “surgeon’s instrument for scraping bones”

Well, there you go.  You are so much smarter now that just a few minutes ago.  I expect you to use these words in conversation.  There will be a test.

I think my new favorite word is XEROTIC, as in “The Queen has quite a XEROTIC wit about her”!

Wishing you an Xcellent day,



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  1. Great post, but you stole my thunder… I was going to say that you have a xerotic sense of humor, but you went ahead and did that. I had to think harder and came up with this: I can tell you that my orthopedic surgeon has used a xyster on my right knee… on at least two occasions. And I ask you, if a person loves foreign films (as a mutual friend of ours does), does that make them a xenophiliac?

  2. You have to take typical usage into account though: xerotic only means dry in scientific contexts, and it can’t meaningfully be applied to someone’s sense of humour.

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