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THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE WHEN WE BOUGHT IT BACK IN JUNE OF 1213 imageimageimageimageimageimageimage   TODAY


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It is not fully completed.  I still need to paint more on the outside and to seal up the paint.  I used a fantastic paint called, “Annie Sloane Chalk Paint” for the both the inside and outside of the camper but it needs to be sealed.  I also need to paint the bumper and the tongue and the wheels but none of that will get done this year as tonight will be my last night of having her (The Bohemian Babushka) untarped.  Tomorrow she gets all buttoned up for winter 😦

I would have loved to have kept her “on display” in my front yard and decorated her for Xmas but I am not sure if that is good for the camper or not.  At least the tarp keeps the snow and ice off of her.

In looking back, there are some things I would have done differently.  A bathroom is definitely a necessary room if you have anyone camping with you!  I would give up my “bedroom” space if I could get Scott to make me a “water closet”.  I think I may have to hire someone next year to do it for me since he has big plans of his own and spending time (for the third summer) working on my glamper is not a high priority for him anymore.  She is road worthy and I am grateful for all the hard work, time and money he put into her for me!

Now I have to learn how to tow her and set her up and take her down all by myself.  Scott went with me on our maiden camping voyage but got some very strange looks from all the other men in the campground when he would come and go.  Actually, we both got some odd looks!  I think they must think I am some old pot-smoking hippie as my camper does look a bit psychedelic and I do have colorful dreads…LOL

Our one camping trip took us to a really nice campground down in Sturgeon Lake during Labor Day weekend.  I took a drive around the grounds one day and every camper there, save one, was newer and huge.  I felt like Bette Midler’s character in the remake of “The Stepford Wives”!   (If you haven’t seen the movie, you must watch it.  Bette’s a successful author but lives a life filled with “Creative Clutter” and it drives her husband crazy!)  I kept waiting to be asked to leave since obviously we were the oddballs there (so what else is new?) but everyone who came by to check us out was very nice and a couple of folks really liked the camper.  I would have loved to have been  a fly around the morning coffee pot in the rec hall and heard what folks were saying about us!!!

I am hoping next year to do much more camping in the Bohemian Babushka and wish I had a Glamping Sister to come along with me in her Glamper.  If I get my bathroom, I will have to sleep on the dining table and cushions that make up into a bed but I still have a bunk above that for the grandbabies to sleep on so what more do I need?  And if Scott wants to come along, I’ll just throw a blow-up bed in the back of the tow vehicle and he can sleep there!

Did you notice that I have no sink or stove?  That was intentional.  I never cook while camping and if Scott is around he can cook anything on an open fire or grill.  As long as I have my morning coffee and bread and peanut butter, I am good to go!  I am all about “relaxing” when it comes to camping.  (Scott says he can’t understand why I like to go camping since I do “relaxing” at home just as well.  But at home, I feel somewhat guilty doing nothing but when I am camping, I have NO guilt just reading or knitting or sewing or napping.)

So grab your checkbooks and get out there and find yourself a little camper of your own and come camping with me next summer.  I promise we will have the time of our life.  I wonder how you would say, “Let’s Go Camping” in Latin????

(Best I could find is Latin for “going camping”….ire movebunt castra primi…hmmm, not quite as catchy as I had hoped…tho “movebunt” is now my new favorite word…as in, “I gotta movebunt outta this chair and get some food”!)

Until next time,

I remain the Queen of my own kingdom,












ONCE AGAIN I missed an event I had said I would make.

ONCE AGAIN I disappointed a friend.

ONCE AGAIN I feel like such a horrid person.

ONCE AGAIN I look at my future and wonder if THIS IS ALL THERE IS?

My life has morphed into endless days of “nothingness”.

I feel  like a sailboat on a windless sea.   Aimlessly drifting in dead air.  Nothing stirring.  Just bobbing along, day after day.  Not going anywhere.  Not going in any one direction.  Useless. Empty.

And guilty.  Guilty that I can’t keep my house clean.  Guilty that I almost always have dishes in the sink.  Guilty that I have piles and piles and piles of stuff; of ironing, of papers, of bins….bins full of stuff.  Guilty that I can’t seem to make up my mind if I should keep all the stuff in case I miraculously get well and become a ball of ambition and energy and make all those Arsty things I have rolling around in my imagination.  Guilty that I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on all this stuff and it just sits.  Guilty that I don’t have goals or dreams.  Guilty that I am a rotten wife and my poor husband is stuck with me.  I have no end to the guilt I feel.  I feel guilty for feeling guilty.  GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

Today I never got out of my nightgown.  I feel asleep around 4am and slept fitfully until 1:30pm.  I was supposed to be at a wedding at 3.   All I accomplished today was organizing my pens into one small bin.  That is it.  And I put away some clean dishes and fed my dog and made my husband two PB&J sandwiches to bring for his lunch.  In 12 hours that is all I was able to do.  GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY

I’m sorry to be such a whiner tonight.  I would never in a million years pick up the phone and call someone to whine to, but I sure seem to be able to whine online.

I guess my purpose of this post was to ONCE AGAIN apologize to you all for not showing up at a function when I said I would.  Know that I am there in spirit (dancing around in some funky get-up with my dreads whipping around) but in body I am probably in bed or laid out on the couch much too exhausted to even think about going anywhere let alone actually get ready.

(Speaking of dreads, I took mine out a couple of weeks ago to give my head a rest and a good scratchin’ and yesterday I went to have them put back in but ended up only getting half of them in as it was just too painful.  So now I have only dreads on one side of my head….as if I don’t look weird enough and if feels like someone took tent spikes and drove them into my head and I can’t touch them without excruciating pain.  How can hair hurt so much????)

I love you guys…..