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ANYWAY you put it, old friendships are truly golden.

Yesterday, I had the wonderful privilege of meeting with three old friends for a long lunch.  We practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves and so we felt no need to hurry along. I think this lunch was 4 hours long (last year it was close to 6!).

I’m sure we probably brought up some of the same funny stories that we did last year but since none of us (except for Miss Terry) seems to remember everything, it was like telling it for the first time.

There is such a warm feeling of  connectedness when you share old memories.  Since we all grew up in the same tiny community, there is usually nothing we do not know about each other and our family dynamics.  But every now and again, a fact would come up that one of the ladies did not know about and that made for some enlightening and hysterical conversations.

But the funniest segments were when one of us wouldn’t remember an incident and our resident Mega Memory Queen would berate us for not remembering!   Only with old friends can you be called on the carpet for a bad memory and laugh about it.

I love these ladies.  Love them like sisters.  We never get together as families or even talk much (if at all) on the phone but there is that “childhood link” that binds us together and I believe, that no matter what the need, all it would take would be a phone call and each one of us would be at each other’s side in a New York minute (which, by the way, I don’t have a clue as to what that means but I like to drop it into my conversation every now and again to seem more cosmopolitan than I really am).

I am blessed with true friends both old and new that accept me, blue~snowflaked hair and all and look past my flaws (except it was pointed out to me yesterday by someone sitting across from me, that my right arm is bigger than my left because of a large fatty tumor that sticks out so now I am going to be seriously self-conscience about that, so thank you very much Miss Perfect Hair and Body).


And I was laughed at because I brought my own eating utensils and napkins and a bag of wet wipes and ordered a bottle of fake beer and wiped down the top and neck before I drank from it and had Mac and Cheese cause it was the only thing I could think of that would be the least touched by stomach flu~tainted hands!  If you read my last blog post, you know that being out at this time of the year is very hard for me and I was taking no chances of picking up those germs from touching anything or using anything that might not have been sterile!  Yes, my friends got a big HA HA from that but you know what?  They accept it as “That’s Robyn”  tho one of them threatened to put it on FB (I bet you can guess who….see photo above).

Yup, just like sisters!!!

Love from your Crazy Queen who will be waiting with fear until 48 hours are over since I figure that’s how long it would take to pick up the flu…….