ANOTHER  exciting adventure of the Three Stooges is coming your way.  Better get a beverage of your choice and sit down cause like all adventures this one may exhaust you.

First, I must premise the title…when Jodi was younger she was always telling us stories that at first had your heart-in-your-mouth until after the initiate statement, when she would casually add…”Almost” to it.   Most folks would say, “I saw two cars almost hit head-on”, but not Jodi.  She would come flying into the house and yell, “Two cars hit head-on”……”Almost”.    My dad would get so mad at her cause she would scare the crap out of him then say, “almost”.

We decided to meet at Jodi’s this month since her hubs was going to be away for the weekend.  Jodi was babysitting her two adorable grandbabies and when her son came over to pick up her granddaughter, he mentioned how there was an awful smell right outside her front door and that he thought he heard a “hissing” sound.  Jodi said that she had been telling her hubs that she often got a weird “pickle” smell when she was in the bathroom but like all men, he just thought she might be a tad nuts.

So Jodi calls the gas company and a guy comes out and “red tags” Jodi’s gas meter and then goes down her basement and “red tags” her furnace and shuts off her natural gas connection and plugs in his Carbon Monoxide meter and quickly shuts it off as it rises to 2000 (NORMAL is 20) and he is afraid to let it go higher as it will break his reader!   He tells her that her heat exchanger is cracked and that carbon monoxide has been leaking into her house everytime her heat kicks on (hence the “pickle” smell in her bathroom).  Jodi then realizes that she has had a headache for the past couple of days that just wouldn’t go away.   The gas guy tells her to call her furnace repair guys and that the gas company can’t turn her gas back on until she gets the furnace fixed.

So we are thinking we will need to move the par-tay over to Mother’s house as we will probably need heat since it was only 23 degrees out.   But we have to stay until the furnace guy comes to check to make sure it is the heat exchanger and he is going to bring some electric heaters for her to use so her pipes don’t freeze.  Ironically her hubs is in Florida….

The furnace guy calls back and tells Jodi it will be $140 an hour for a guy to come and check the furnace and since they can’t do anything anyways since it is after five pm on Friday, she could just wait until her hubs gets home and then they could decide on what to do but that with readings that high of carbon monoxide, WE PROBABLY WOULD NOT HAVE WOKEN UP THE NEXT MORNING!imageHow scary was that?  But the weirdo in me thought, “How cool would that have been…to go in my sleep.”  And what a great story that would have made!!!!  But of course, I would not have been here to write it!!!!imageAfter determining that we would be safe from dying in our sleep and that we had enough electric heaters so we wouldn’t freeze to death, we decided we might as well stay at Jodi’s where Mother made us stay up until 1am watching CNN so she didn’t miss anything about The Donald.

Next day was hair day and instead of coloring our hair, I decided that Jodi and Mother could transform me from blah to “ta-da” by razor cutting my hair to look like this:image I made them watch a couple of You Tube videos and one was spectacular but they didn’t use a razor but a new cutting tool called a “Dare Chisel” which was awesome but $128 plus shipping from Australia and I wanted it cut RIGHT NOW.   So I badgered Mother into cutting it using her razor but doing it the way the guy in the video did it and eventhough Mother was less than happy trying something new and I was quite certain she was going to take a chunk out just for spite, it turned out FABULOUS…..exactly like I had hoped it would!!!!  We were all shocked.  imageimage

And because I was so cute, Jodi had to have Mother try to recreate the same look but since Jodi was still shaved from her last cut…it is choppy on the top just like she wanted it but will have to wait to be as cute as me till her sides and back grow out!image

And not to outdone by her adorable daughters, Mother had to go home and cut her hair to look like us!


Head shot only cause she would KILL me if I put a photo of her without her make-up on!

We now have a new name for Mother……RUBY RAZORHANDS! imageMy daughter asked me why we always have near-death experiences when the three of us get together but I realized it was only when Jodi is hosting us!   I think she is after Mother’s fortune and with me out of the way, it will be all her’s!   I think we will skip Jodi’s turn for hosting us for quite sometime!!!

We colored while we had to watch The Donald on CNN yesterday….can you guess which one was done by whom????imageUntil next time, I remain your still alive Queen,



About queenrobyn

61 yrs.old, wife, mother, grandma, artist, humorist, friend, caregiver, blogger, retired singer, rughooker, doll and mohair teddy bearmaker, born-again Christian, rebel, optimist, addicted Ebay shopper, collector (or hoarder as my husband would tell you), glamper, lover of all things old and worn (like me!)

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