I have the perfect solution to the controversy of having transgender folks using the bathroom of their choice.  Make all bathrooms private ones.  The kind that have a sink and a toilet and a changing table and throw in a urinal and every one is happy!  If you have kids you bring them in with you or you stand outside the door (which locks).  I personally like these kind better anyway.  Heck, you can even label them MEN or WOMEN 0r UNISEX…it doesn’t matter cause there ain’t gonna be no one else in there with you (other than whomever you invite in with you!).

Am I possibly  the only person who has thought this?

Yes, it may take some monies to put these kinds of bathrooms in but if stores want happy customers, they will fork over the dough to make it happen.  It’s a win~win for everyone as I see it.

What are your thoughts on this?

With love from your Common Sense Queen


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