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Whenever I get stressed out, instead of grabbing a drink or something fattening to eat, I grab my paints and brushes and look around my house for something to paint.  In the past I used to paint the walls but as I have gotten older and less atheletic (I could have been in the Olympics as a long-distance painter….I could paint walls for days on end), I now focus on smaller things like couches and chairs and lamps.

I decided that this project was going to change up a really old bookshelf (I really don’t know what to call it, it was my gramma Tilly’s and she had knickknacks on it if I remember correctly but she died back in 1966 so my eye for detail wasn’t as keen as it is today….tho, often at night, I lay in bed and in my mind, I walk through people’s home that I spent time in as a kid, amazing the details I can remember and even the smells).

When I first inherited it back in the mid-seventies, it was that ugly blackish brown color….I don’t even know what it was called….I have a long library table in that same awful color that was given to us after Scott’s grandmother died and he refuses to let me paint it, so it must have been popular in the pre-1960’s.  My friend, Mary Beth, was kind enough to completely strip the stain off (tho she said she’d never do a piece like that again cause there were so many details in the wood that made stripping it a nightmare) and for years I just left it natural.   Then about 15 years ago, I stained it a   light purple and all was well in the world.

I needed a project and it needed a new make-over so here’s what I did.

I took a bunch of small pots of chalk paint and went to town just slapping the paint on.  I knew I was going to give it multiple layers so getting every nook and cranny wasn’t important.image


i used Junk Gypsies brand of chalk paint (this is not the kind of chalk paint you use to make a chalkboard) I had gotten a bunch of small sample pots on sale and i wanted to try a new technique where I layered on the paint, let it dry for an hour or so between coats and then after I got three or four coats on, I took a wet rag and wiped off much of the paint layer by layer.  I started on one side and after putting on a couple of layers, I then painted the whole thing in the color I wanted to see the most of.  I let it dry a couple of hours and took the wet cloth to it.  I was surprised how easy it was to get to the lower layers.imageimageI really liked the looks of the sides but wanted to go with different colors for the shelves.  So I picked out three colors for each shelf to layer.imageI went with aqua, then red, then yellow for the top shelf.  Violet, royal blue and then red for the middle and for the bottom I did orange, royal blue and violet for the top.image

second layer’s on



After I got all the color rubbed off that I wanted, I then took some Super Sparkling Mod Podge and painted that over the whole piece to give it a a shimmer and some glitz

imageI then took some regular glitter and Mod Podge and mixed it together and layered it on the knobs at the top of the bookshelf (anybody got a better word for this piece?)

I am over-the-top thrilled with how it turned out.   I put it out in my tiny home (aka Glamper) and was so inspired by how gorgeous it looked that I painted a whole wall like this and it is so stinkin’ awesome I just can’t stand it.

So tell me, do you love it or hate it????   I am going to be doing my huge hutch in layers but will skip the glitz (I think!!).  I am OBSESSED with this technique.

Off to sleep now out in my tiny home,

Your glitzy (and oh so ditzy) Queen




I Don’t think I ever posted what we did the last time we three stooges were together besides dyeing my hair purple.

I like always having some kind of artsy-fartsy project for us to do or Mother makes us play “Farkle” for countless hours and then proceeds to tell us the rules every twenty minutes.  I can only take so much “Farkling”

I saw a project on Pinterest many months ago that I thought would be great fun and easy for Curly and Larry to do since they have a tendency to whine about doing anything new (one whines a whole LOT more than the other but I won’t tell you which one….tho her name does rhyme with “boobie”) and so I have been saving the cardboard egg cartons for months to do this project.  I think Scott was worried he was going to come home some day and find out we now had chickens.

So I gather up all my supplies and call Curly and Larry to come to the table (they were sprawled out on the couches as my husband had made them a breakfast fit for Queens, and no one bothered to wake me up, so I got stale leftover cold French Toast…but far be it for me to complain….) and of course, The Farkel Queen starts whining about having to cut out the cup part of the egg carton.  So I tell her I will cut her egg cartons for her and then give her my ipad to keep her occupied (just like my grands…) and Jodi and I get to cutting out the cups.  The project we are doing is making a lighted flower garland so after the cups are all cut out, then they needed to paint them.

Now if you have ever taught any kind of craft class you will know that there are two kinds of crafters….those that jump right in and those that have to question every decision they make.  No matter how many times I tell them there is really no right or wrong way to paint these, they have to have confirmation that they are doing it right.

And I am not going to risk losing my inheritance by telling you which was which but half-way through painting them, the blonde one says to me, “ok, I have half of them painted pink and turquoise and now I want to paint the rest green so do I have to paint them all one color?   I looked at her and said, “Do you even LISTEN to what comes out of your mouth”?   “What?”, she replies.  I said, “IF you want all the rest to be green doesn’t it make sense that you have to paint them ALL green?”

Then the other one pipes up and says, “How are we going to get these flowers to go on the lights near the plug in”?   “Won’t they get all ripped when you try to slide them down”?  Mind you, she had seen a picture or two of the finished product AND we had poked holes in the top of the cups to pop the flower ON the light bulb and yet no matter how I tried to explain to her that we would not be sliding the flowers down the string of lights she just wasn’t getting it.  So she bets me $5 that it won’t work.  Even the blonde one understands how these are going to work!  So I take a flower and pop it over the bulb and continue on down the string and boy is she mad!!!!   I told her that I did not want her money but being a Van Wave, she insists I take it.  Meanwhile, the blonde one has strung a few flowers on her string and she plugs the string in to show the other one how easy it is to do, and lo and behold, she has her’s on BACKWARD!!

By now, I am hysterical.  And praying so hard that I really am adopted……

Here are Curly and Larry and the finished product…..I never got a chance to even get my egg cartons cut but I did finish mine later in the week and they are hanging over one of my windows in my greatroom and they are AWESOME!