I was just watching the NBC Nightly News and they had a segment on how to keep babies from getting SIDS and while the voice-over is telling us that babies should sleep in their parents room until they are a year old (the video shows a baby in a crib in it’s own room), to put babies on their backs, (video shows a mom putting the baby on it’s SIDE), and to put them on hard surfaces and to not use blankets or have toys in cribs (and both videos show mom’s putting blankets on infants and there were toys in the crib along with the baby).

Oh my goodness….my brain is ready to explode….this is not the first time I have seen these kinds of  things happen on the news.  Is it me…Have I died and gone to some weird 5th dimension where black is white and white is black…up is down and down is up….fat is in and thin is out (okay, that is just not gonna happen but it’s my 5th dimension and I can always hope…)

Why would you put the exact opposite of what you are saying up on the screen?  I didn’t see it as “Warning: This is what you should NOT do”.  It was more like no one bothered to edit the segment.  Crap like this is why I would never trust anything I see on the news…no matter which channel I was watching!


Your Queen, who is quickly losing her patience with news media stupidity


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