Finding Time


Today’s quote comes from John L. Spalding  (whoever he is?)


Ain’t that the truth!

I get up at least two hours earlier than I would need to just so I can have time to drink a cup of coffee and check out Facebook before I start to get ready to go out.  Many times I am late to wherever I am supposed to be because I underestimated the time it would take me to get ready.  My husband says it’s because I am “rebellious” and no one is going to make me do or be on time.  But I disagree since I am late even for the things I really want to do!

I was even late getting to O’Neill’s wedding!  No, the wedding hadn’t started but I was supposed to be there for photos, etc., an hour before I actually got there!  I have told Paster Dave that my funeral needs to be at least 20 minutes late or people won’t believe it’s me in the coffin…(NO OPEN CASKET….remember me as I was).

So what is it that you love so much in your life that no matter what, you make time for it?  And do you ever feel guilty for using time that perhaps might have been better used elsewhere?  Oh, I sure do.  What did I do with the hours I now spend online back before the internet?  And what about all the years we chose not to have a TV in our house?  I know for sure, I did not spend my time cleaning even back then!

Until tomorrow,

I remain your time challenged Queen


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