img_1145Nothing motivates me more than a deadline…..and as a person who has very few deadlines now in her life, you would think that I would get the projects done in a timely manner since I have basically nothing going on in my life….but you would be wrong.  Dead wrong…..

Our accountant will tell you that she has to practically beg me to get her the info she needs to complete all of the business stuff that she does for us to keep us out of prison.  And it’s not that hard to compile but there it sits, waiting and waiting for me to scan it to her.  I do have a valid (?) excuse this time as we got a new printer and it is way more complicated than our old one and I have yet to figure out how to scan to the computer, or how to even make copies and syncing it to my ipad so I can print via Wi-Fi is just more than our senior minds can handle.  As soon as I get my “old age” monthly money, I will go and buy myself an uncomplicated, bare bones, easy to understand, printer/copier/scanner…..not that I still won’t miss deadlines but at least I have a passing chance to try to make them.

I used to do small craft shows and I would be up almost all night the eve before the show finishing projects.  Poor O’Neill as she would stay up helping me as she feared for my health (I would always get an aching pain in my right side when I was under pressure) and for my mental faculties (which, by then, were borderline schizo).  And every year I would VOW that I wasn’t going to do those last minute, late night, projects but lo and behold, as most of my promises seem to go, I broke it.  Year after crazy year….

Right now, I am behind on filing our WI state sales taxes and sending deposit refunds to renters (we own 48 storage units in Carlton) who have moved out in December.  Not to mention a list a mile long of other things that are waiting on my “DO NOW” list (some have been on the list for MONTHS).  I. Can’t. Even.

Yours till tomorrow (maybe),

The Queen of broken deadlines



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