Junk Stash=Creativity


Thomas A. Edison, one of the world’s greatest inventors said, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk”.

I have taken that quote to heart.

At the moment my junk/craft/art stuff is in various places….some is in my “bedwomb”, some is in my little house that I dream of making into my own tiny house someday, some is in my full-size non-running school bus and some is in a little workroom attached to our not-yet finished showroom in Carlton.  Oh and on my dining room table…..as I was crafting this past weekend with my mom and sister and I did not finish my project so as usual, I just leave it sitting out in the hopes that I will sit down and finish it (I believe the definition of insanity is where you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result?  If so, I am certifiably insane when it come to finishing projects).

Here is my inspiration for my project:img_1159

But here is my reality….partially finished….


It is going to look like a peacock in a ball gown or a Bjork dress……and it will weigh 5 pounds or more and I will need a railroad spike to get it to stay on my wall in my bedwomb.

And here is the mess that has been on the table since Saturday and will probably be there until I need the table this Saturday.  And then everything will get put in a big box and hidden in the bedroom along with the boxes from this past weekend’s house purge.


Creative people have such imaginations that to throw something out is very hard for us because we never know if we may need it for a project.  I do not keep old newspapers, food wrappers, dust balls (tho I did once save dryer lint to stuff some of my creations with until I read that it is really flammable!) dog hair mixed with dust tumbleweeds (tho I would if I could think of a need for it!) or toe nail clippings (but I did once use my dog’s big black clipped nails as nails for a giant rat I made!)

Just think tho, if Edison had not had his junk piles, we would still be using gas to light our homes and run our computers!!!!  So there is hope for me yet….

Until Humpday,

I remain your “never met a piece of junk I couldn’t use in something” Queen


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