September Blues


This month is Sapphire Blue.  Took me two tries to get it this color.  But I think it is close!

I think I am going to invest in mock turtle-necks as the skin around my neck looks like I am a toad….now that I think of it, I am beginning to really look toadish.  Great…thank goodness this is only my temporary body.  My eternal body will be much less toadish I am sure.

Well, for better or worse, here I am…..



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    • Thanks Doc! It is the angle of the camera hiding all the sags and turkey-wattle. From my neck down I am just full of those ugly brown-crusty spots…just like a toad! I need to sit in a vat of some kind of extra-strength skin peel mask and then have a crew of blind workers peel it off (if they didn’t start out blind, by the time they saw me naked, their eyes would have burnt out from sheer horror!!!) Or shed my skin like a snake…..a HUGE snake….a snake that looks like they swallowed two full-sized people…..

  1. Lovely to see you again. 🙂 Every colour you’ve used so far has suited you so well. How do you do that.?! I tried to go blonde, and it looked awful, I tried purple once and I looked like a ghost. You always look lovely, with any colour hair. I adore your glasses too (spectacles.? What do you call them in the US.?), such a quirky design.

    • I must just have the right skin tone to wear most colors, not that it matters to me! Since I am dyeing it every month and each time I wash it it turns a shade different, sooner or later I ought to hit on a hue that works! At 62, who gives a rip? I got my glasses back in 2005 at a quirky eyeglass store in Asheville, North Carolina while on vacation. They are titanium and cost me a fortune plus I had to send them back and forth from my home in Minnesota to Asheville every time I needed a new prescription as my own eye doc would not guarantee the workmanship of the lenses since they are so unique. So I still love them but can’t see crap out of them anymore (oh, the pains of getting old) so I may have to break down and get some ones I can see out of (like TRI-focals) or just walk around looking groovy but not seeing anything clearly….vanity, vanity…..

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