I am not a huge follower of celebrity hook-ups but who really thought this match up would last? I do believe that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but when you are 25 and a world class celebrity, hooking up with a man not as good-looking as you are and certainly not anywhere near you in status and monetary value….well, the odds of it lasting are pretty slim…..let’s examine some other short and probably not-so-sweet quick marriages Hollywood style….

Now I am not a country music fan so I do not know how romantic his songs are or what his sex appeal is but my question is: Did she ever see him without his hat? And when she did, was that the end?

This one really confuses me. I wonder if it confused her after a couple of months, also. I really feel bad for the men….it’s like being handed the trophy for “Dude, what did you do to get her?” and then Steve Harvey says, “whoops, wrong winner” and the whole world is watching. Oh, that has got to hurt to your very core! I hope Lyle went on to find a woman who was not only beautiful but loved him with her whole heart!

Who could have predicted that THIS coupling would not work out? I mean, didn’t they have each other’s blood in vials around their necks….seriously…if that is not true love what the heck it? I have often wanted my husband’s blood but not to wear around my neck….tho I have often fantasized my HANDS around his neck….but I digress……

These are just a few of the Beauty~Beast couples that we have seen over the years that crash and burn pretty quickly and I must admit most of them are women who do the burning and the men do the crashing….can you say, “JLo” and Mariah and Rihanna and Britney and Katy (tho to be honest here, poor old Brit got dumped by JT and Katy by Russell….did Brand really think he could do better???)

I have no great advice for you ladies out there except if you married a “beast” then you probably have a really good marriage since your man must thank his lucky stars everyday for a fox like you and I am glad you hung on to him. Speaking of hanging…..never mind…I am digressing again….

Your Queen who is not sure if she is the Beauty or the Beast!


About madqueen54

The madqueen54 is a woman of many interests but proficient in none. A creative spirit looking for the one true skill she has yet to find. A woman looking for something to be passionate about. Writing has come easy to her, though she was never interested in it until the discovery of blogging. The words flow and she gets lost in her stories. Most are true. Some are embellished. A few are flat out fairy tales made up for entertainment value. It is up to the reader to decide which is which.

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