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Reason #1 why I hate Halloween


Today is six days after Halloween. I would assume all Halloween parties are over. Stores have their Christmas decorations out so Fall/Halloween is officially kaput.

So are you thinking it is the history of All Hallow’s Eve that bothers me….yes, but it is not #1.

Is it the official end of Autumn that bothers me? Ya, but since our Autumn’s are so stinkin’ short, I expect it anytime after the first week of October.

Could it be I hate that the stores all have pushed Christmas up into October….nope.

My #1 reason I hate Halloween is this:

I live in fear that someone is going to ask me if I know Halloween is over in a snarky, mean~spirited tone because of how I am dressed!

Today I had a Chamber of Commerce meeting and I am “the new kid” and have not attended that many meetings but each time I do, I have totally different hair and usually a “I am not a wallflower” outfit on. To say I really stick out like a sore thumb is an understatement and I don’t know but two people there so I often feel very uncomfortable even on my most normal~looking (for me) day.

Today I decided to go with my new velvet calf~length duster with the long bell sleeves….very hippie chick….and a wrap around sari silk skirt….my flower~embroidered UGGS and for the heck of it since I was not quite unusual looking enough, I threw a beaded scarf into the dread mix….oh and two different earrings….but color~coordinated….I am not totally without class, ya’ll.

I have to admit, I was not quite sure about all of this going on….at the same time…..on the same person…..but heck. Is or is not my business called, The Lumberjack & The GYPSY….and was I not going to a sort of business meeting? Plus I was running late and I really had to decide if I was “in for a penny, in for a pound” or to just throw in the towel and stay home.

I figured that they had seen me enough times to know that I am not your typical, small town gal so off I flew……

Because I was late and really did not want to have everyone look at me as I slunk in….I was driving the speed limit or a bit above (I normally drive under 60 to conserve gas (not because I am ecologically minded but because a ” penny saved is a penny I can spend on art supplies!”) and I was finding my self using inappropriate language at the vehicles that were slowing me down, all the while having a conversation in my head as to if I should remove the beaded scarf before I got to the meeting (as if that was my biggest fashion faux pas).

I have extensive conversations with myself most of the day (that is why I am phoneaphobic….I am all talked out even though I have not spoken out loud all day) and so I asked myself, “WHY do you dress the way you do?” “Because it makes me happy”, I shot back. Then the irony of what just transpired in my brain struck me.

Here I was, driving like a mad women (okay, anyone else would have been driving normally but for me and my cheap little heart, I WAS driving like a mad woman…burning through my painting money in wasted gas mileage) and thinking bad thoughts about my fellow drivers and worried about what people might say about me…..but was I HAPPY? Heck no. So I mentally slapped myself upside the head and in my best Cher (in Moonstruck) voice, I yelled, “Snap out of it”. IS THIS ME OR IS THIS NOT ME? DO I REALLY CARE IF PEOPLE THINK I AM IN COSTUME AND DIDN’T I KNOW THAT HALLOWEEN WAS OVER? IF I DIED TOMORROW, WOULDN’T I BE SAD THAT I DID NOT DRESS LIKE I WANTED TO ON MY LAST DAY ON EARTH?

So I took a deep breath, grabbed my funky beaded purse and marched into the meeting like a gladiator going into the arena. Lord I wish I could have read the minds of those people. I really do.

Nobody said a word about Halloween but I did have a hysterical moment when during the speaker’s presentation she showed photos of the Halloween party that the facility hosted for the company that does adult respite care and there was a client in the photo who had on a Rastafarian hat with long fake dreadlocks!!!!! All I could think was: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME……SERIOUSLY? WHAT THE HECK ARE THE CHANCES THAT OUT OF ALL THE FOLKS DRESSED UP, THEY WOULD HAVE THAT PHOTO? AND HOW MANY OF THE CHAMBER MEMBERS WERE THINKING, YUP…..SHE IS IN COSTUME AFTER-ALL.

I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident but stuff like this happens to me ALL THE DANG TIME……it’s like God is humbling me when I spend too much time thinking about myself and my appearance…..even if the thoughts are negative!

So I think I will stay inside the week before Halloween and the week after so I don’t have to worry if people think my fashion choices are really costumes!!!!

It is not easy being me……

The Queen of the weird get~ups (when is the last time you heard that word, eh?)