My name is QueenRobyn and I am in my later fifties and this is my first attempt at putting down my random and weird thoughts!   I am a natural story-teller and I love to make people laugh.  And to think deeper.   I am also a late bloomer to the creative arts but I have always been just a bubble off of level.  I see the world differently than most people…blessing or curse…sometimes both.   I have very eclectic taste in film, books, art and music.  After 28 years, my husband still can’t figure me out!   I am a wife, mom, mom-in-law and babushka to two young grandchildren whom I love more than life.   My posts will always be honest and straight from the heart.  I have no fears about sharing my life (much to the distress of my poor family) and my observations on life.   I hope you will join me on this journey, for however long it lasts.   Somewhere on this screen should be a button that says Follow Me and if you click it, all my new posts will be automatically sent to you.  And please take some time to read the posts already written.   And I love comments…good or bad…so feel free to leave them.  Thank you for letting me come into your life and I hope you enjoy my “rantings”!

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  1. Love your rantings Robyn! They make me brave and courageous enough to cry myself to sleep when I need to,that I donot have to be afraid cuz it’s okay and not my fault when I am misunderstood (yup you guessed it mentalpause). Am learning to rest more often and turn anxiety into action! Thank You dear sister in Christ.

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