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I Had Nothing Else To Do…..


Boredom is never a good state for a Creative*

Yesterday was a day someone should have been here with me.

Someone who actually would have some control over me….hmmm….gotta think about who that could be….we all know it isn’t my hubs or my mom….and none of my friends are big enough to wrestle me down….besides if God didn’t want me to shorn myself, He never should have allowed hair clippers to be invented.  (And yes, I do know that the Bible says it is a shame for a woman to have shorn hair.  But I can live with that!)

So I got out my nifty new little clippers….so much easier to handle than the bigger ones…..and I used to use them on my dog but don’t tell my sister cause I gave them to her for her hair!!!

I loved my teal hawk and cut-in shapes of all colors but the hair in-between the shapes had started to grow in and it looked skanky.  Besides being a Creative, I am also an Impulser*.  When I want to do something, I want to do it NOW.

I have always wanted to shave my head and a couple of years ago I went down to a quarter inch all around and the world did not end so I figured, “What the heck…it will grow back” and went to town (not literally, I never go out).

When I got done, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought…..”Well, my mom is going to have a heart attack if she sees this”.  I gave what my hubs might think a thought but after almost 34 years, I’m pretty sure nothing I do anymore surprises him and he’ll get over it.

Do I like it?  Not especially.  We keep our house at a chilly 66 degrees and I sleep in the lower living room where there is no heat unless we have a fire or an electric heater on and I don’t like to sleep with either one on so I had to sleep in a head-tube-thing that cool, outdoorsy people wear as bandeaus.  I bought it when I had dreads and thought I was cool.

So today I slapped on a ton of make-up to take some photos for ya’ll.  In the process, I reminded my self of Anthony Hopkins, Mr. Clean, a drag queen before they stick on their gorgeous wigs and myself at 95.

Please let me know who you think I resemble.  I promise not to be offended.  Seriously….how could you possibly offend me…..and to think I did this willingly to myself.  Well…at least I didn’t pay someone else to do it to me.   (I wonder if I had, if it would have turned out like this?  And where did all those scars come from?  I hit my head a LOT but I do not ever recall ever bleeding and I would assume you would have to have cut open your head to have a scar?  The things you find out when you shave your head….ya’ll out to try it at least once in your life.)  “No guts, No glory” is what I always say……(Okay, I really mostly say is, “Well that didn’t turn out like I thought” but it is basically the same thing.)

Your Queen of “OMG, did you see what that idiot did now to her hair”


*Creative:  what I decided to call myself instead of Artist as I never felt comfortable with that adjective as people mostly assume you paint on canvass and I do so much more!

*Impulser:  someone who cannot control their urges when something strikes their fancy to do, or buy, or say!


Introducing Hair Color of the Month!


I am a creative person who really just creates by “the seat of my pants”.  Rarely do I ever have the foresight to plan-out what I may need and so I use what I have on hand.  That goes for my hair color, also.

Today I decided that it was time for a new color (the old colors were “so last May”) and I had to bleach my head to get a blank canvass.  But what did I want?  White sides and back with a single color on top?  Or did I just want to paint a color on the tips of the top of my super short hair?  Or did I want multi-colored tips??

Often the cut and color/s I do myself, depend on how much I will have to look into the mirror.  It seems my vision ain’t what it used to be and so it is hard to see if I am getting the color where I want it or if it is covering what I want covered and then when I have to hold a mirror to see in the back…..well, let’s just say “mirroring” must use the same brain function as logic and algebra as I cannot figure out how to move my hands in the right direction.  You should see me back up a car and you don’t even wanna know how I back up a trailer….if you are ever behind me and I have to back up, Lord help you.

Getting back to my hair,  I decide that since today was June 1st, what if I were to color my hair the same color as the stone for that month!   June is pearl and I just happened to have a pearly-white toner and barely enough developer to mix with it.  So I said, “What ‘s the worst that could happen?” and I applied on my bleached hair and within a few minutes….I had the hair color of a creamy pearl!!!!   How serendipitous was that, eh?

Here’s my hair….not my face….didn’t feel like putting a full face on and I would terrify you if you saw me in the facial nude!!!


Next month’s stone is RUBY!!!!   I just ordered some dyes from the U.K. and I hope they get here by July 1st as the ruby color (called Rubine) is coming from them.  I think this project is going to be a hoot cause every month will be a fresh new color and I won’t even have to ponder as to what colors to choose…each month is set.

I hope you will stay on this year-long journey with me.  I wonder if anyone has ever done this before???

I just love new “painting” projects especially when I get to wear them!

Ta ta for now,

Queen Pearl






Blame It On Orlando Bloom


Normally I will take the blame when I do something knuckleheaded but not today.  No siree, this time the blame falls straight into Orlando Bloom’s gorgeous lap.IMG_1732We all know that he and Katy Perry dated for quite awhile and there were even rumors that they were engaged.  But then after the Grammy Awards we hear that they have split up and what does Katy do post Bloom?   She gets her hair all cut off!

I have watched Katy with much interest since she is a girl after my own hair-coloring heart and I swooned over her bright purple locks and applauded her royal blue tresses and even gave her kudos for going green….I mean, the woman is downright GORGEOUS no matter what color her hair is.  And while I have thought it would be fun to have hair like hers,  I never was interested in having long locks (tho, I have had bright purple and royal blue hair).  But this new hair do……YOWZER!!!!!!!

IMG_1733I am in hair heaven…..HAIR HEAVEN, I SAY……and anyone who knows me knows that once I get a glimpse of hair heaven, I am ready and willing and not-so-able to get there.

Because I have yet to throw out my buzz clippers (TMI moment….I also use them on my dog….if I start sitting down and raising my leg up to scratch behind my ear, I better get checked for fleas…..hahaha….ya, like I could get my leg up to my ear…I kill myself….ahaha ha”) I thought today, “I can do that”.   But possums, we know I CAN’T but Lord knows that never stops me.  I think I may some a new psychological malady that I will call, “Definite Delusional Disorder Personality” for no sane person attempts to do the impossible time and time again expecting different results.

I should learn how to put my face over the faces of the women who’s hair dos I want to wear and see how they would look on me BEFORE trying to cut my hair like theirs.   But then again, what would be the point since I won’t be able to cut my hair like their’s anyway.  But still I keep doing it….(Huh, my momma didn’t raise no quitter.  My momma is now thinking, “QUIT, QUIT….for the love of all that is holy, QUIT CUTTING YOUR FREAKIN’ HAIR OFF”!!!)

So here are the results of my Katy Perry wanna-be-hair-cut… soon as I get the products, I am going to be bleaching my hair out and MAYBE letting it get white or completely dye it green for the summer….who knows….depends on my mood that day.   Please excuse the goofy poses as I have yet to acquire the “art of the selfie”.

Your ever crazy Queen,




When we last left our heroine, she had just had her sister in law, cut her hair from ear tip to ear tip with giant Fisker fabric shears and as the previous photo showed, it was kinda cute from the front.  Notice I said, FROM THE FRONT..

Before I show you the photo that shows the back of my head, I must set up the scene.  As I had said, the cut was perfect from the ears up but the nape of the neck looked nothing like Demi’s.  And since this was in the days before I had gotten my magic hair buzzer, I wondered what we could use to give it a “close to the head” cut.  Then I had an “AHA” moment….(this was way before Oprah came up with the catch phrase).  We could use my husband’s sideburn trimmer on his electric shaver.  My sister in law was not quite as enthusiastic as I was about this process but to keep peace (she was after all, staying at my house) she gingerly took the shaver and began to do her best at shaping my nape.  After what seemed like an eternity to me, she pronounced the deed done and gave me a look that shouted, “Don’t blame me, you asked for it”!   I ran for the bathroom to gaze adoringly at my new Demi look but what I saw was a roaring case of mange.  There were little bald spots all over the lower back of my head.  It looked like I had had chemo and my hair was falling out in clumps.  Now any sane person would have admitted defeat and quickly called their hairdresser for the first appointment possible but hey, this is me.  I have yet to decide if I am just stupid or extremely bullheaded (or in this case….bowl-headed) but I said, “Well, we can’t leave it like this, so just shave the rest off.”   As usual, I didn’t quite think this action thru.  I was thinking super short so the bald spots wouldn’t be so noticeable.  The fact of the matter is that when you use the sideburns attachment it has no hair guard so what you get is a “baby-bottom” smooth shave.   I must say, when I looked in the mirror and saw this, I was taken aback….image  Not the look I was going for unless it had been Moe from the Three Stooges.  And you must remember this was the mid 90’s and this was not a fashion trend.  Today I would have just painted a cool design on the bald spot (okay, truth….I would have had someone else paint it as I can’t do a thing to the back of my hair as I can’t “mirror-image”….you should see me back up a car…..oy vey).

My wonderful husband has been so used to leaving the house with me one color and him coming home 8 hours later and I’m totally different that I didn’t think this would phase him.  But that night when he came home,  I was to learn just how far I could go without him reacting negatively.  All was good until I turned and showed him the back.  Dead silence.  Then, “Robyn, that’s not funny” in an angry tone.  No matter how I tried to explain to him that this was a look that I, too, was not thrilled about, he couldn’t be cajoled out of his not happy mood.  My poor sister in law took flight in her camper in a hurry, hoping he wouldn’t blame her for any of this.  Needless to say, one of us slept on the couch that night.  But what a great story, eh?



This is photo #53 in my quest to show you a different hair color/style on everyday between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  This one is from the mid 1990’s soon after the movie, “Ghost” came out.  I had loved Demi Moore’s hair in that movie so I got it into my head that I could do it myself.  We all know how that turns out for me, right?

My sister-in-law was visiting me when I got this wild idea and she just happened to be cutting some fabric with these really long Fisker shears and I had just dyed my hair black (as per Demi) and I said to her, “Hey, would you cut my hair?”.  She looked at me like I was nuts, but by that time I had already been in the family a good ten years so it was kinda a redundant look.  She wisely pointed out that she did not know how to cut hair.  Well, heck, when has something so trivial like that stopped me?  “Just cut it with those hedge clippers you are using, from the tip of my ear to the other tip of my ear” and like any good sister in law, she did what the crazy relative asked.  And it turned out exactly as I had hoped.  Almost.





I am currently reading a book on blogging so I can make this site more interesting.
(You are asking yourself, “How could the most interesting person on earth make this site even better?”) I am going to learn how to put photos up as visual exclamation marks in my posts. If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!! My speech is very animated (or so I have been told on more than one occasion….not sure if it is a compliment or not…) and so to get my vocal “vibe” I use many exclamation marks. Probably too many. Had I ever fathomed I would ever be writing for anyone to see, I would have listened better in English class and remembered the rules of punctuation. Oh well, what you see is what you get.

So do you like the new format? I feel very techie right now. I am usually very afraid to mess with this site as I have no idea what I am doing and I have visions of deleting everything (some folks would probably be very happy should that happen!). But heck, the sun is out and I don’t have to work tonight so I went a little bit wild and took a chance on change. It reflects “me” better. Love the colors.

Speaking of colors, my kid did my hair yesterday. It is now royal blue, purple, teal and red and as soon as I can get someone to do the bottom of my head, it will all sit on a black base. (Kid is with child #3 and is leery of real hair dye fumes so I will either have to wait a bit or find someone else to do it as it is so short that I need someone with a steady hand to “paint” the black dye on it. ) I also had her buzz cut it with a couple of weird little arcs around the nape. I do so wish I could do it myself as I have such great ideas but can’t seem to translate them to others. I love the double take looks I get. I went into the postoffice today and when the clerk came around the corner she literally stepped back a step when she saw me. She did say, tho, that she loved my hair so that was nice. I haven’t quite gotten used to it as I still scare myself when I get a glimpse of me in the mirror (no comments from the peanut gallery please).

So I am going back to reading my book and who knows, maybe the next post will actually have some pictures. Can you stand it?



Since I often color my hair in unusual colors, colors that are not found in the mainstream hairdye section, I forget that I don’t look “normal”.   People often look at me with wonder in their eyes or even suspicion and I look back at them with a “What?” look and then I remember how I must appear to them !  It’s really funny when I am on an elevator and someone goes to get on with me.  I can see their hesitation and so I smile most charmingly so as to alleviate their fear that I am some psycho woman.  (No comments from my family, please.)  Right now my hair is half orange/red/blonde and it does look like that lunatic’s hair that killed all those people in the movie theater .  But come on people, how many mass murders are older, fat, out of shape, women?  I am only a threat if I lose my balance and fall on you….then you are in for a world of hurt.  And if you have read some of my other posts, you know that it could happen so if you happen to run into me, you better stand a few feet away!  But other than that, I’m totally harmless.

Men seem to like my hair more than women.  I often get young men who will comment favorably on my hair which always shocks me.  Women my age are the ones who look at me with the most disdain.  My dear mother would tell me it’s because they are “jealous” but somehow I don’t think that is it.  And anyone who thinks I dye my hair to try to look younger is so mistaken.  I would wear a pin on my chest stating how old I am since I could give a rat’s rump if you think 58 is old.  I color my hair because it pleases me to be colorful.   If I were thinner, I would cut my hair down to the nub and have my artistic daughter paint designs on my head with hair dye.  But at the size I am now, I’d look like some bizarre, upside-down, walking light bulb.   And if I continue to get those awful brown spots on my face, I may start to tattoo them.  If you’re gonna have spots on your face you might as well make them fun.  (On that note, I’m afraid to buy my grandson a Dot to Dot book as he may try to connect all my “dots”).

There is a wonderful blog called, “Advanced Style” ( that has all these really funky\classy old broads that are on the streets of New York that this young man photographs.  These ladies are my heroes.  Next time you have an hour to kill, go to this blog and look at all the posts.  You will find ladies there that make me look conservative.  I would so fit in.   It’s almost like my dream peeps from Hunger Games.  I am so liking the blue hair of the show’s host played by Stanley Tucci.  I might just have to by that movie so I can watch all those people again.  Visual lust.  Color lust.   Gotta have color (conversely, I wear mostly black clothing….go figure!)

I did try to add some photos of my latest hair coloration but I am just too dumb to figure out how in Hades to do it.  Must be all those years of hair dyeing.  The chemicals have pickled my brain.  (Wouldn’t it be a scream if I ever had brain surgery and when they opened up my skull, my brain was colored!!!)  So if you want to see how I look now, check out my wall on Face Book.  I think I added some on there.

All this talk about hair dye makes me want to buy some more so I will sign off now to go and do some internet shopping on

And if anyone wants to know how to add fun colors to your hair, just ask.  I have found a  product and a super easy way to do it (and CHEAP).

Yours to dye for,

The Queen