IN MY MIND I AM A GYPSY SPIRIT….but in reality, I am a Couch Potato or actually, my title should be Recliner Recluse.

This has never been more evident to me since trying to set up a 20×10 foot area for a trade show yesterday.  And I didn’t even have to do any of the lifting or carrying in stuff.  All I had to do was tell people where to put stuff.  Easy peasy, right?


What I need to tell you at this juncture is: I cannot envision where to put things, I need to have them physically moved from place to place until the placement feels “right”.   My husband is used to this and understands that there will be a lot of effort involved.  Other men expect me to keep a piece such as a bookcase in the exact spot it just took two of them to place.

After thirty minutes of their help it was decided it would be best for everyone involved if Scott and I just stayed and set the booth up ourselves.

I have a tendency to get overwhelmed by all the disarray and need to just stand with a look that I am shell-shocked for about 10 minutes then I slowly start to put a thing here and place a thing there.  Scott, on the other hand, is like a Tazmanian devil, a whirling dervish.  We are much like Aesop’s “Tortise and the Hare”.

Once all the bookcases were in place and the large wood planks hung up, I could do my thing much better.  It took us five hours to do this and we did not fight once!!  I think we need some kind of award for this.  We will celebrate 32 years of marriage tomorrow and us working together for five whole hours without a “heated exchange” is pretty rare.   High five, Scott Henry!

So this is how the booth looked last night when we left.  If you come by and it has changed, you will understand why we did not argue last night….Scott just decided to let me have my way and then changed it the way he wanted when he got there today!