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If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you will know that I have a dream of having a small shop/studio in Cloquet.  I have a mental picture of exactly what I want and I always figured that if/when the Lord wanted me to have it, I would come across it.  Oh, and I had a rent figure in mind, too.

Last week Scott was driving in Cloquet and lo and behold, right smack dab in the middle of Cloquet is my dream shop building….for rent!  It has everything I had envisioned, I mean EVERYTHING.  Scott got a hold of the owner and he gave him a tour and Scott took photos and I was blown away by what God had provided for me. Problem is…..God must have not gotten the rent part of my prayer.  (We have awful problems with electronics/computers/TV’s/etc. at our house…I think we live on an iron ore vein or are getting signals from outer space that disrupts any kind of waves that are trying to reach our house or leave our house).  So the amount of rent I had told the Lord I needed either got lost or was sent out four times cause the rent of my dream building is beyond what I could come up with even by selling my blood as many times as I could in a week! And I think selling a body part is still illegal in the US.

So now what?   To my friends who share my beliefs, I ask this question…what the heck is God thinking?  Why would He show me my “dream” and yet know it is out of my price range?  And the owner wants a three year lease.   I know that sometimes God gives us bigger things than we ever imagined and asks us to trust Him to work the logistics out but I can’t even come up with the first months’s rent so how do you decide what is “stepping out in faith” vs “putting God to a foolish test”?

Scott is up to his eyeballs in his own business pursuits and ever-increasing stress of a railroad conglomerate gone mad…absolutely bat-guano mad….and so he can not commit to another business financially or even emotionally.  So God’s timing on this is also very confusing for me.

We have discussed looking for another business to share the space and rent but after talking with a dear friend who has always been behind me on any ventures I have dreamt up, I was reminded of what my dream was and sharing my space was going to encroach on what I want to do.   I don’t just want to have a business (I could easily do that online) but what my heart wants is a place to teach and share my love of creating with others.  To have other creative folks hang out with me and share their love of what they create with others.  I love, love, love the process of creating but I do not ever like to keep what I have created.  I am all about the process not the end products so to keep creating I have to sell what I make.  It is never, ever about the money.  If I had been born rich instead of drop-dead gorgeous, I would just give my creations away and put on free, everything included, classes just for the absolute joy of making others happy!

But alas, no windfall has befallen me, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg have not bestowed parts of their fortunes on me no matter how many times I have”shared” their posts on FaceBook.  The Publishers Clearing House has not knocked on my door (or if they had, I have not answered cause I was probably still in my ratty pink chenille robe even at 4pm) nor have I won a cent on the lottery.  So I must make money to live my dream just like everyone else.

So folks, I sure could use some advice today.  Any and all opinions will be gratefully accepted.  What is your take on this?

Here are photos of my dream space…..







If I don’t do it this year, will I ever?

How do I overcome the fear of the “WHAT IFS”?

In case you have no clue as to what I am ranting about, let’s recap the past umteenine  years.   I have dreamt about having a little shop of my own ever since the late 1990’s.  I worked at that time at the best little shop in the area, tucked way back in the woods of Island Lake.   I loved that shop.  I loved the smell, the sights, the products, the unique way of decorating the owner had.  I loved everything about that place and I loved the owner.  After she passed away,  her family tried to keep the shop going but without her presence there, it just wasn’t the same.

That’s when my dream started to grow.

So let’s fast forward 15 plus years to 2016.  I am 61 years old.  Life’s parade is passing me by. Do I jump on my float now or just watch that last marching band march on by?

I am in a unique position right now in my life.  Over the years I have gathered enough crafting supplies and collected enough stuff to be able to actually stock a small store and my husband has begun fulfilling his dream of owning his own business and he has gorgeous hand crafted toboggans, children’s sleds, snow shoes of all sorts, wall plaques, Adirondack chairs, bookcases and more but he has no real place to display his products.   So I am trying to convince him we need a store so you can all come and see what he and his talented crew can make for you.

I have this vision of our store.  It would have two rooms, side by side, one side would feature all his works and would be “decorated” in a old time logging decore.  My side would be wild and colorful, full of all the things I love and love to create.  I would have a large, comfy couch for those who would love to come and just sit and knit (or whatever) with me.  Visiting would be so encouraged!  And I would have a large table with quirky lighting to hold crafting classes for both adults and children.  I would love to be able to host crafty birthday parties and wedding showers (you bring the food, I do the rest!)

Each of us have special God-given gifts and mine is hospitality.   I am never happier than when I have folks to fuss over and serve.  I have also been given an ability to take the mundane and turn it into something special and unique.  My goal is not to make money (Scott will attest to that….sadly) but to make someone happy and to feel loved and precious and worthwhile.   I believe everyone has a creative side and I want to be able to help you find yours.

I was in my thirties before I tapped into mine.  I have always had a knack for decorating my home (my tried and true philosophy is: IF IT MAKES YOUR HEART SING~BUY IT) but it wasn’t until I wanted something that I could not afford but found a pattern for it, that I tried sewing.   I made every mistake possible.  Sewing to this day is not easy for me, but I have literally made hundreds of things using my sewing machine.  (To my MPHS friends; Mrs.Carlson would be shocked at how I turned out!! LOL)

You do not need to think yourself creative at all, you just need the courage to try!   I have found throughout the years, that I am good at things I NEVER would have thought possible because I never had an interest in them, nor did I have an opportunity to try to do them.

I was never artsy-fartsy in school.  Hated home-ec.  Never was in choir or band.  The only thing I did that was remotely creative was making up Pom-Pom routines with my co-captain.

So you see, you will not know what you can or can not do UNLESS you try!

And that is where I hope to help you find your creativeness.  “I can’t do it” and “Mine looks terrible” are two phrases that are not allowed in my crafting classes!

So my friends, tell me….what do you think of this idea?   Do you think I could make a go of it (at least make enough money to pay the rent on on the shop!)    Would you support me by coming to my place and checking it out and maybe taking a class or two?  Come visit me?  Tell your friends about me?

How far would you travel to my shop?   I am hoping to find a spot in Cloquet on Cloquet Ave. but if not, what about Morgan Park or West End or Carlton or Lakeside?   Are there areas you would not feel safe in coming to a night class?   Downtown Duluth is not an option for us nor is Canal Park or up by the Mall area.    Rents would be out of my price range.

I really, really would like input from as many as you as possible.  If you want, just leave a msg on FB instead of in the “Comments” area of this blog.   I really need to “poop or get off the pot”  and your thoughts will help me decide!

Your friend and Queen,