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FOR YEARS I have been wondering if living next to a steel plant and a cement plant has caused us to have more diseases and odder illnesses and to die earlier than the folks living just a few miles away?

I would love to know what the cancer rate is for those of us who were born and raised during the heyday of US Steel.   Say from those born from 1916 to the late 1970’s.  And what about our children?  Even if we had left the area after high school, did we carry damaged genes and pass them on to our children, especially if we married someone who had also grown up in the steel industry area?

In my own family, my dad was born and spent his whole 58 years living next to the plant and he got prostate cancer at age 50 (he also had his first heart attack at age 36 and had had two open heart surgeries between the ages of 50-57 but I believe that was a genetic factor not environmental.).

My sister got a super rare disease back when she was just in her mid-thirties and I have had Fibromyalgia for three decades and now have just figured out that I have been living with a super rare disease since my teens that is called Decrums.

My mom, on the other hand, is the picture of health at a few days short of 84 but did not grow up next to the steel mill but moved there in 1954 and has lived there ever since.

So what do you, that grew up in the Gary/New Duluth/Morgan Park/Smithville/Riverside, areas think?  Have you or your family members died early from cancers or other illnesses?  Have you or a family member been diagnosed with an uncommon illness?

As far as I can remember, no one has ever done a report on this and I wonder why?

Please comment on this….inquiring minds want to know!

Love from your Queen who feels like the Tin Man before he got oiled!




I’m sure each of us has a few phrases that scare the bejeepers out of us when we hear them such as; “your tests came back positive”, “it will just hurt a little bit”, “please call your doctor back as soon as possible”, or “this is the IRS, please call to schedule your audit”.

None of those phrases cause as much terror in my heart than when I hear the words, “The stomach flu is going around”!


I know most of you must think I’m nuts but I am dead serious.  I would rather have any kind of painful surgery or dental experience, migraine, cramps, broken bone (ok, I’ve only had broken toes but I’m pretty sure I would take a broken bone over puking anyday), I do pretty well with pain but if I get nauseous,  I FREAK.

I’ve written about this before so it comes as no surprise to most of you but this year I have gone to extremes to avoid getting this strain of the Devil’s joy.


I have cancelled every event and appointment I had this month and into next month.  I am staying home and not even buying “handmade” food such as Dominoes Pizza (my favorite food on this planet) or coffees or anything that anyone might have touched.  I will not go into a grocery store and touch a cart (I cannot imagine the germs on those things).  I will screen everyone who comes in to my house….if you already had the stomach flu and it went through your household and you are all fine now, you are welcome to come visit.  If not, call me in March!


I have already warned my husband that if he gets it, one of us is leaving….if it were summer, I would live in my camper….I might actually stay in there if he does get it, I’d rather take my chances with frostbite then the flu.   Having been hit last year with the norovirus that I got from my client, I have first hand knowledge how quick and violent this kind of stomach ailment can be.  I went 58 years without getting it and I would like to make it another 58 years!


If I had the money, I would make myself a “Howard Hughes” room.  Giant air-exchanger, stainless steel everywhere, a vat of bleach water, decontamination system,  everything I could think of to be safe from the stomach flu.

Excessive?  Sure but if you have a terrifying phobia of your own, you will understand.  Snakes, no problem.  Spiders, squish em.  Clowns, creepy but I never go to the circus.  Heights, I just don’t look down. Flying, that’s what drugs are for.  Water, ok….that’s another fear but I can avoid lakes, rivers, swimming pools.

But how do you avoid germs???

You do what I am doing and PRAY a lot!!!!

And bleach everything touchable….

Good health to you all and stay away from me till this scourge is gone!

Your crazy Queen





I love facts.  I never remember them after I read them but once in a blue moon, one will stick in my brain and I will amaze my friends with my tidbits of knowledge.  So I decided to write them down and share them with you so next time you are in a group of intellectuals, you can can drop a factoid into the conversation and everyone will look at you in shocked awe.  Or just in shock.

1.  Writing about a heart-felt issue will help you shed pounds.  A study showed that women who wrote a 15 minute essay about something they felt strongly about, dropped an average of 3.4# in the following three months.  Women who wrote about nothing special GAINED 3# in those same three months.  Well, shoot.  Now I know how I got so fat.  I have been writing about nothing.  I wonder what topic I feel strongly enough about to lose 100#?

2.  Eating off of red dishes help you eat less.  I obviously don’t own enough red dishes!  And besides, a whole pizza just doesn’t fit on my one red plate.

3.  Your tongue should be bumpy.  A smooth tongue could mean you have an autoimmune disorder.  It should be pink.  A purplish color could point to a blockage of energy (mine should be near blackish if that were the case) or of blood suggesting a liver or gallbladder problem.  A coating of yellowish-brown may indicate an acute infection.  Ok, everybody run to the mirror and check out your tongue!

4.   Sugar makes you look older.  Here I thought it looked older because I was born in 1954.  So if I quit eating sugar will I have a face like Demi Lovato?

5.  There may be a link  between drinking soda pop and asthma and COPD (a lung disease).  So not only does pop rot your teeth, it also rots your lungs.

6.   If you use an alcohol-based mouthwash, you may have a greater chance of oral cancer.   A family member drinks her alcohol and I don’t believe I have ever heard her complain of bad breath!

7.Body issues are seldom about your body.   Hmmm, I must have poor eyesight then, cause everytime I look in the mirror, I have issues with what I see.

8.   Time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted time.   I love this!!   I waste more time than anyone I know.  Because of a chronic illness, I have to lay down often at home and I usually can’t fall asleep so I daydream.  I get my best ideas for art works or businesses  when I am laying down.  Must be the increased blood flow to my brain.  Sometimes I get so excited, my heart races and I can’t wait to get up and get online to order new materials.  Unfortunetely, by the time the new materials arrive I have lost my mojo.  I literally have thousands of dollars worth of craft\art materials just waiting for me to be inspired ( and two more years of paying off the debt incurred by these times I have let “my fingers do the shopping”).   But I am glad that I have now scientific proof (Vogue magazine) that all those hours spent daydreaming aren’t wasted!

9.   The upside to grand failures: they make great stories (or blogs!!!)

10.   If you are depressed, take a walk in the woods.   Now I know this one to be true cause a few years ago I was in a major dark place and I decided to take a walk in our woods at dusk and sit on a rock and wait for some man-eating creature to come and have me for dinner.  So as soon as dusk fell, I got my large-Marge butt off the couch and walked out to the woods and sat down.  As I was sitting there, waiting,  I began to realize that the thought of being eaten by a bear was alot more romantic while I was sitting on my large-Marge in the safety of my couch than sitting on a cold rock in the woods with night falling and hearing the aforementioned creatures rustling in the nearby brush.  I made an all-time record race-walk back to the safety of my  house and I sure felt alot better when I got home!

11.  Fruit flies are actually Vinegar flies.  They are attracted to the odor of fermenting fruit.  In the human species they are called, “Winos”!

12.   And my last thought for today is a new life motto that I found.  THE HECK WITH WHAT I WAS, THIS IS WHAT I AM NOW!  Don’t you just love it?   I have bemoaned the fact that my face no longer has that youthful glow and that my eyebrows now rest on my eyelashes and those body parts that used to be facing North have gone South.  I am a better person today than I was back then.  And really, isn’t that the best thing I could ever wish for?  Besides, I never liked what I saw back then either.

Well, I hope today’s tidbits made you a tad smarter and just think how great you will feel when at your next meeting about the global issues affecting our world, you will be able to pop up and say, “Yes, but did you know that fruit flies are really Vinegar flies?”    Yessiree bob, I’m sure that will get you noticed.    You’re welcome.



Words once spoken can never be taken back.  WORDS ONCE SPOKEN CAN NEVER BE TAKEN BACK.  Speak it out loud and it is out there forever (much like emails and texts!).   I can think of many instances that I spoke harsh or hateful words and instantly (or very soon afterward or even years later) I regretted saying them.  I’m sure everyone reading this can relate.  Too bad there isn’t a delete button we could push to totally erase the moment.    I wish the emotion that we are feeling could come out in colors instead of words.  Hate would be black.  Anger would be red. Jealousy would be purple.  Envy would be green.  Disgust would be brown.  Fear would be bright orange.    Frustration would be royal blue. Each emotion would have it’s own color and it would be universal.    But in retrospect, I guess colors could hurt you as much as words.  So what is the answer?     Not venting your feelings isn’t healthy.  Drugs help somewhat but I am not proposing everyone get on Prozac.  Trying to keep from putting the blame on the other person is supposed to help but when I am in a snit, I don’t remember the rules.  I can be sarcastic when I am frustrated.  I try never to be cruel.  I sometimes swear like a long shoreman when I am really angry.  I have thrown things.   And when I have really been nuts, I have hauled off and hit.  Only twice.  And he was much bigger than me.   But I always have in the back of my head, that whatever I say, I can never take back.   I need time to be alone and deal with whatever is going on.  Then I can calm down and act like a normal person.  We often react in the same ways our parent did, even if we hated how they did it.  How often as a parent have you found your self saying phrases that drove you nuts as a kid to your children?  How many of us swore never to say, “Because I told you so”?    But after being asked ten times ,”why can’t I”? sometimes “Because I told you so”, is the right answer.  Never say that to another adult.   Never say, “Whatever” during an argument.  It demeans the other person’s opinion.  Everyone deserves to be heard.  And everyone needs to respect opposite opinions.  Even if you think they are nuts.   I don’t understand people that have to argue to death a difference of opinion.  Do they really think that all that yelling and emoting is going to change the mind of their opponent?  Not gonna happen.  Why can’t we agree to disagree?  Unless it’s a matter of life and death, who gives a rat’s rump if you think one way and I think another.  I don’t need to be right  and you to be wrong.  I believe what I believe and you aren’t going to change my mind no matter how much you try to push your agenda.  I have found that actions speak louder than words and so I hope my life and how I live it would be all the voice I need.   What do you think?



Who ever invented thong underwear must have been young and a man.  No normal woman would have designed such a sick piece of clothing.  Women of a certain age remember when our “feminine protection” products had a belt that gave you the same feeling as a piece of string between your cheeks only thing missing is the metal piece.  No doubt the saying, “pain in the arse” came from some woman back in those days!

Well, since I am always game for a new fad, I decided to go to the store that always carries my size, “Duluth Tent and Awning” to see if I could find a pair of these new-fangled panties.  Sure enough, there they were in the “Sails and Masts” department.  Got me a pair of black lacy ones.  Took me a few months before I had the courage to wear them butt one day when I was feelin’ frisky, I decided to put ’em one and see how they rode. Pretty much felt like I imagined butt I decided to give ’em more time to break in so I wore them for most of the day.  When nature called and I was pulling them back up, I noticed that they only had lace on one leg.  What the heck?  That’s when it became clear to me that I had been wearing them SIDEWAYS all day and didn’t even realize it.   So I did what I should have done right in the beginning….put ’em in the garbage.