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I really should not have been as surprised as I was watching the MTV awards show.

Miley Cyrus really set the bar low last year butt (and I do mean BUTT) this year’s performances and outfits were the last straw for me (I know, I know).   Had I wanted to see big butts shakin’ I could have just looked in my mirror at home and jumped up and down and physics would have done the rest (a body in motion stays in motion…).  It was like when you come upon a car accident and you don’t want to look but the horror of it all kinda compels you to look.  I was morbidly fascinated by all that flesh that was bouncing around….how can a butt be so big and yet not be hanging down around her thighs?   When they did the casting call for the dancers was a big butt the first requirement?   I kinda feel like I had had a weird nightmare about dancing butts….

And then we had Mrs. Kimmie West and all of her orbital glory hanging out.   Someone please explain to me how any self-respecting woman (oh, wait…I guess I just answered my own question…she has NO self-respect) can dress like that.  And is she offended when no one can look her in the eyes as she speaks?

But the icing on the cake had to be Beyonce gyrating and touching and whipping that fake hair around all the while singing about feminism and powerful women….WHAT?

When is the last time you saw a real feminist act like that?  What once started as equality for women has morphed into WHO CAN BE THE BIGGEST HO.

Real feminists don’t want to be thought of as a man’s plaything but these young women are falling all over themselves to portray an aura of unbridled sexuality.

AND SHE HAD HER TODDLER DAUGHTER THERE WATCHING!!!!  What in the name of all that is normal and healthy was that woman thinking????

The more I think about the debauchery I saw last night, the more incredulous I am that we have slunk so low as a society that this garbage now is entertainment for the masses.  It used to be only viewed in dark, seedy, porn houses by sad old men.  Now our babies are watching it.

Where is it going to go from here?  How long before we are accepting public acts of those things that once were only between a husband and wife in the privacy of their own bedrooms?   How much more depraved can we get?

How much more will the Creator of all things good allow this land to exist before He has had enough and destroys us like He did at Sodom and Gomorrah?  Or is He just watching us destroy ourselves from our privilege of having “free will”?

I am glad I am getting older and each moment brings me closer to my home in Heaven as I don’t want to see the kind of world my grandchildren and their descendents will have to live in.  My prayer is that their names and all of their children’s children will be entered in the Book of Life.