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Quick and Easy Craft Project


I love when a friend comes over and I can do an art project or craft with them.  Since I am Queen of Craft Supplies, I can pretty much come up with something fun on the fly.

My friend, Jeanie, came up on Thursday and since we both are writers, I thought it would be fun to do a project with that in mind.  Here is my finished product sans a frame….got to get to the old craft bus to dig thru the stuff in there for a frame to compliment the picture.

img_1870.jpgYou could adapt this project to any kind of interest.  If you had a friend who was into photography, you could do words and photos having to do with cameras/photos, etc and then get a stencil (or make one) of a camera!  The possibilities are endless.

I used:

Canvas boards

Old magazines

Mod Podge

Sponge brush

Copper metallic chalk paint

Acrylic craft paint in Metallic Silver

Black chalk paint

You could substitute the canvass boards and just use cardboard and paint over it to have a background color; white glue for the Mod Podge; a regular 1 in. Paintbrush instead of the sponge brush; any kind of paint for the chalk paint.


We spent a while looking thru magazines for words that spoke to us or encouraged us and cut them out.

Then we put Mod Podge on the back of the words and placed them on the canvas boards (funny how different Jeanie and I did this…I slapped the Mod Podge down on the whole canvass and then put my words down in a random fashion while Jeanie first fit her words as she wanted them on the canvas and then put the Mod Podge on the backs of each word and then placed the word down where she had it).

Then we put a coat of Mod Podge on the whole canvas with the sponge brush.

Let that dry for 15min. and then placed the typewriter stencil where we wanted it (Jeanie placed hers to line up with the bottom of the canvas while I just eyeballed the middle and slapped that sucker down….you can see that I am an unstructured artist while Jeanie is very precise!)

Jeanie chose to do her typewriter in metallic silver acrylic craft paint while I did mine in copper metallic chalk paint.  Jeanie was going to outline her typewriter stencil in a very fine black marker while I decided to add a layer of black chalk paint a bit off of the placement of where I had done the copper so it would give it (I had hoped…I never plan these things, I just go with the flow and see what happens!) some dimension.

I let mine dry overnight and then added another coat of Mod Podge over the whole thing and BINGO….it’s finished.

To make a stencil yourself,  you can find a drawing of what you want on the internet, print it out and then make it bigger and using packing tape, cover the drawing in packing tape and then use either a sharp, pointed scissors or an Xacto Knife, cut out the drawing making sure you have a lot of cut outs in your design so it isn’t just one big blob!   I do mine differently, I print, tape and then cut out the basic design and then trace it on whatever I am going to stencil, then cut out another layer of the drawing and trace that, and continue doing that till it is done.  I don’t bother with the stuff I can free hand paint.  Easy Peasy.

If anyone is interested in doing this and wants more info, just let me know and I will empty my brain of what I know to help you out.  I will ask Jeanie to send me a photo of her finished piece and add it to this post when she does so you can see her’s also!

Happy Crafting,

Your Ever Creating Queen




Whenever I get stressed out, instead of grabbing a drink or something fattening to eat, I grab my paints and brushes and look around my house for something to paint.  In the past I used to paint the walls but as I have gotten older and less atheletic (I could have been in the Olympics as a long-distance painter….I could paint walls for days on end), I now focus on smaller things like couches and chairs and lamps.

I decided that this project was going to change up a really old bookshelf (I really don’t know what to call it, it was my gramma Tilly’s and she had knickknacks on it if I remember correctly but she died back in 1966 so my eye for detail wasn’t as keen as it is today….tho, often at night, I lay in bed and in my mind, I walk through people’s home that I spent time in as a kid, amazing the details I can remember and even the smells).

When I first inherited it back in the mid-seventies, it was that ugly blackish brown color….I don’t even know what it was called….I have a long library table in that same awful color that was given to us after Scott’s grandmother died and he refuses to let me paint it, so it must have been popular in the pre-1960’s.  My friend, Mary Beth, was kind enough to completely strip the stain off (tho she said she’d never do a piece like that again cause there were so many details in the wood that made stripping it a nightmare) and for years I just left it natural.   Then about 15 years ago, I stained it a   light purple and all was well in the world.

I needed a project and it needed a new make-over so here’s what I did.

I took a bunch of small pots of chalk paint and went to town just slapping the paint on.  I knew I was going to give it multiple layers so getting every nook and cranny wasn’t important.image


i used Junk Gypsies brand of chalk paint (this is not the kind of chalk paint you use to make a chalkboard) I had gotten a bunch of small sample pots on sale and i wanted to try a new technique where I layered on the paint, let it dry for an hour or so between coats and then after I got three or four coats on, I took a wet rag and wiped off much of the paint layer by layer.  I started on one side and after putting on a couple of layers, I then painted the whole thing in the color I wanted to see the most of.  I let it dry a couple of hours and took the wet cloth to it.  I was surprised how easy it was to get to the lower layers.imageimageI really liked the looks of the sides but wanted to go with different colors for the shelves.  So I picked out three colors for each shelf to layer.imageI went with aqua, then red, then yellow for the top shelf.  Violet, royal blue and then red for the middle and for the bottom I did orange, royal blue and violet for the top.image

second layer’s on



After I got all the color rubbed off that I wanted, I then took some Super Sparkling Mod Podge and painted that over the whole piece to give it a a shimmer and some glitz

imageI then took some regular glitter and Mod Podge and mixed it together and layered it on the knobs at the top of the bookshelf (anybody got a better word for this piece?)

I am over-the-top thrilled with how it turned out.   I put it out in my tiny home (aka Glamper) and was so inspired by how gorgeous it looked that I painted a whole wall like this and it is so stinkin’ awesome I just can’t stand it.

So tell me, do you love it or hate it????   I am going to be doing my huge hutch in layers but will skip the glitz (I think!!).  I am OBSESSED with this technique.

Off to sleep now out in my tiny home,

Your glitzy (and oh so ditzy) Queen