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Turkey Day is done and I’m still eating the leftovers.  I over cooked.  I thought I’d need a whole lot more food than I did and even after sending leftovers with everyone who would take them, I am still eating my mom’s candied sweet potatoes, my daughter’s jello salad and green bean casserole(two different foods, we are odd but not that odd) , my husband’s stuffing (we make two different stuffings and everyone took mine home with them….winner!), my son-in-love’s Mom’s green bean dish and dinner rolls, pies up the ying yang, and 17# pounds of mashed potatoes.  I told my husband to cook up 20# of potatoes (for 16 folks, that is about right, eh?) and he said he got exhausted after peeling 17# so he quit and I was a bit worried that we might not have enough.  Holy moly Rocky,  what am I gonna do with all those taters?  I don’t make lefse, or potato pancakes so that’s out.  I wonder if I can give them to my dogs or will I regret that one when I walk into the house after working all night and smell mashed potato doggie doody wafting up from the basement?  My dogs normally can hold it for 20 hours but there are times when they have been eating deer carcasses and should have been let out but no one has been home and so they go down to the basement where there is THANKFULLY a bare cement floor and do their thing all over the floor.  (Geez, as I write this, the Rot/Lab has let loose with some foul gas….cough, cough, cough).  It is so embarrassing to have a dog break wind in front of company.  They make no noise and the smell burns the delicate hair right out of your nose and your company looks at you like you did it.  Yeah, right.  If I pass gas like that, get me to the ER cause something has died inside of me.

Pause now for a piece of cheesecake…some one has got to finish this food….might as well be me.

Ooo, that was good.  Nice hot cup of coffee to go with it.  I will pay for this pleasure tonight when I am up till tomorrow unable to sleep cause of the caffeine.  Oh well, at my age this is “living on the edge”.

Has anyone seen any good movies as of yet?  I am not a vampire fan.  I am more of a zombie girl.  I love The Walking Dead and was shocked at Laurie’s death.  Can you imagine have someone cut your stomach open and be awake?  I get a paper cut and I am laid up for three days.  And I am diggin’ “666 Park Ave.”  What would it be like to live in such opulence?  I just got a few more feet added to my tiny bathroom and I feel like I’m “movin’ on up to the East Side, to a de-luxe apartment in the skyyyy”.   I am seriously thinking of not putting in the bathtub so I can keep the extra decorating space!  I wonder if I could talk husband into putting a piece of wood over said tub so I could use it as display space when we aren’t using it?   I blame this decorating fancy on pretending to live in the showrooms of a furniture store on the corner of 6th Ave. E and 4th Street as a child.  We would drive past this store every Sunday on our way to my grandmother’s house and I would pretend that I was living in the showrooms.  Of course I also pretended that I was Lassie and that I was on horseback following the car on those Sunday drives (no, wait, I was Lassie at home and not Lassie on horseback…just so you don’t really think I had problems).

Some day I will do a full blog about my childhood but not today!

I tried to blog during the elections but my iPad and it’s Bluetooth component keyboard refused to let me.  Either it has issues or I am a complete idiot as every time I use it it spazzes out on me and I end up pulling my multicolored hair out trying to not lose the story I had painstakingly worked on for two hours.  And most times it wins and I lose my story and I don’t have the heart or energy to retype it.  I got the stinkin’ iPad so I could blog where ever I was but here I am on the real computer in my lower living room (the one without a normal heat source) freezing my toes and fingers off just trying to get a story out.  Man, what I don’t do for you people !!!!!

Got all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped.  Had most of it done months ago and wrapped.  Yes, you can hate me cause I am beautiful and ahead of the game this year.  Now my only challenge is to find a Xmas tree that my adorable grandbaby, “The Lolanator” can’t pull down, climb up, chew on, pull on, crawl behind, grab the lights and run, drink from the water reservoir, etc.   I think we need to hang one from the ceiling.  She is soooooooo into everything.  We babysit and our house looks like we were hit by a F5 tornado.  Her brother never got into anything.  And everything she does, she does with this little grin on her face.  On Thanksgiving, I was holding her and she was playing with my large, dangle earrings.  She began to pull on one and I said, “No Lola.  Don’t pull on Babushka’s earring.”  She gives me one of her grins and then whips out my earring from my ear!  And then goes for the other one.  Yup, that girl is gonna keep us on our toes.

Loving the snow.  It just isn’t the holiday season without it.  This is said by a woman who doesn’t have to shovel it.  And who has an electronic car starter.

I may try to write again tonight on the demon iPad as I am too cold to continue on.  Got to get hubby to bring in wood for the woodstove….brrrrr.

A big thank you to those who have commented on my stories and to those who tell me they miss them when I am silent for a spell.  I fantasize about being Carrie Bradshaw….ok, not really but a kooky writer who wears whatever she wants and writes a column in a real paper.  And has great hair.  And great shoes.  And great friends.  (That is something I have already…so I’m partially there!)

Much love to you all and let me know what I can do with those dang mashed potatoes!