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I have decided to give crafting classes at my house!

I love teaching and crafting so why not combine the two?  Throw in some good coffee and a sweet treat and you’ve got a marvelous day.

Since Easter is coming up and I know lots of you buy little stuffed animals for your kids or grands, I made up some different critters for you to make instead of buying.  Wouldn’t your loved one rather have something you made with your own two hands than something bought from a store?

Take a look at these examples:  the first photo is just plain and in the second one I added a few embellishments just so you can see what you can do to personalize them.

image This little piggy is bare…imageThis little piggy has on an apron made from an old quilt.

image imageThis little bear has on some suede chaps and a sheriff’s badge (his body is made from vintage flannel)

imageimageLittle rabbit with “foo-foos”!

imageimageLittle black collar for a little black cat.

image imageNeve give a monkey a drink….this is what happens.

imageThis little puppy was just too cute the way he was…he looks very vintage with his little flannel red tongue hanging out!

image imageSame little elephant pattern but two very different ways to make them up.

So now that you’ve seen what delightful pets you can make for yourself or someone else let me tell you more about the materials.  The heads and arms are made from Mohair fabric.  What is Mohair fabric, you ask?


Mohair fabric is made from the soft hair of Angora goats.  It has a very silky, fur-like feel to it and comes in hundreds of different lengths, textures, colors.  There are just two mills in Europe that produce mohair fabric anymore so for that reason, it is VERY expensive.  I have quite a stash of it from when I was making mohair bears so you can pick out whatever kind of “fur” you want for your critter.

The bodies can be made totally out of mohair (like the dog) or you can either use my stash of vintage and new materials for the body or bring your own.  (If you have an old blankie, or pinning blanket or whatever has a sentimental meaning for you, bring it for the body or get whatever material you would like.  You only need a piece that is 8×22.  Even a piece of clothing would work.)

The heads move 360 degrees because we use cotter pins and hardboard discs in the critters neck.  The arms are just sewn on.

You can use many different things for the eyes.  I will have an assortment of hand-blown German glass eyes available (most of the critters I made have glass eyes). As well as antique shoe buttons, beads, and buttons for the eyes.

Feel free to bring any kind of adornments for your critters.  I will have lots for you to pick from but you may have some fun stuff you would like to add from home.

These critters would be mostly for children ages three and up but if you let me know ahead of time, I can get safety eyes and joints for infants/toddlers as we don’t want anyone to bite off an eye and choke!

So, who wants to come join me for a fun filled day?

I have openings on Friday March 20 (10am-3pm) or Saturday March 21 (10am-3pm) or Sunday March 22 (11am-4pm).

The cost is $25 ($30 if you do a mohair body) and that includes everything you will need to make one critter.  You can also purchase kits to make more critters at home.

I would be willing to make a limited amount of critters for those of you who can’t or don’t want to make your own.  Email me for details and cost at

I PROMISE you if you come and take this class you will have a blast and go home with something you will be very proud of.  Even if you can’t sew, I will help you so you will be able to make one.

Hope to see you soon,

The Queen who Creates