Monthly Archives: August 2013

Photo # 96


imageThis is what I look like as of yesterday.  Tomorrow is the last day of my quest to post a different hairstyle/color a day between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as I have.

 I learned a lesson doing this project….to appreciate myself as I am because someday I will look back and think, “Damn, I was hot and I never realized it back then!”    Don’t want to make that same mistake again!

I would LOVE to hear which was your favorite photo or hair color/style.  It’s hard to separate the face from the hairstyle/color since I was younger in most of them and had much better skin tone and only one chin!   But please tell me anyway.

Thank you all for your input over these past 96 days, I really enjoyed hearing from you.  I have a new project in mind starting Dec. 23 and I hope you will join me for that journey.

I am sure that this color and style that you see today will be temporary as I must constantly change (boy, could someone have fun trying to analyze me!) so as I change I will keep you updated.  Sure wish someone would come out with a gold glitter hairdye… old is too old for glitter????.  

Until next time….

The Queen