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The hubs need to make a trip to Askov and wanted me to accompany him.  My selfish side said, “Heck, No”.  It’s my day off and I want to just stay home and veg but my good wife side said, “Of course I’ll go with you” (I might get a nice lunch and brownie points to put in my marriage account!)

The ride down (over?  up?, I am directionally challenged..) was gorgeous.  Perfect road trip weather.  Took the scenic route…thru Wrenshall and up Hwy 23. Decided to eat before we did the chore we came to do.

Found a cafe in an older school and I am in love!  The cafe is located in the school’s old cafeteria and it is so quaint.  The cafe has windows up along the ceiling so it is nice and bright but not hot or blinding.  There is a pergola with four booths in it and four tables with big umbrellas over them.  A breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is available and they have some regular menu stuff and a few kinda unusual dishes for those of you who like to try newimage things.  All of it is true Midwest grub and lots of it!image

Hubs and I had the Philly Cheese Steak and it was delicious.  Came with chips and pickles for $6.95.  Well worth it.

Also in this school is a museum which we will saunter through as soon as we finish our meal.  There is also an antique store that you know I will have to look in.  And on Saturdays, there is a Flea Market in the gym.

I adore small towns like this.  I wish we could live in one.  I would love to buy a three-wheel bike and go see the sights.  I am so small town.  I would be in my “element” living somewhere like this.  My dream would be to have a little “What Not” shoppee filled with antiques and quirky, funky stuff and to have a section where folks could sit a’spell and have a good cup of coffee and just visit and hang out.

Perhaps today was the start of a new chapter in our lives.  Could be life-changing or just relationship enhancing.  Maybe my “good wife” deed was more than that.  It has sparked a new fire in me to really, really, really  decide what I (and Hubs) want to do with the Senior years of our life.  Stay tuned and who knows what this day may have started!

Lunch is over and now on to the museum….$5.00 per person to get in (also well worth it).

What a fascinating museum.  They have exhibits of dolls and toys, old farm tools, military, Boy Scouts,  logging, post office, pioneer home, churches, antique cars, clothing and much more.  Plus a car that has been made over all in wood!  My dad would have loved it.   Everything was laid out with plenty of room to see everything. I was impressed.

Not only does the building  house the museum and cafe but you will also find  a Creative Co-op & Antique Store and a Sweets/Gift Shop.  I scored some vintage clip earrings for just three bucks a pair (steal) and a tiny metal tray and a 50’s vinyl hatbox in near mint condition.imageimage

I could have spent hours in the antique store and much more money but the hubs isn’t the shopper that I am and was getting a tad bit antsy so we went a block over and stopped into LENA’S.  A quirky little place filled with all things Danish, Swedish, German, Finnish and Norwegian plus a smattering of other great stuff.  And she has a coffee bar where I indulged in one of the best Chocolate/Caramel Frappucino’s I have ever had.  Hubs bought himself a T-shirt that was made up for the annual Rutabaga Festival.  Do you know you can buy Rutabaga jelly and even have a Rutabaga malt?  Yup, it’s all there at LENA’s.

Time to head home so we took the other scenic route and went thru Willow River, Sturgeon Lake, Moose Lake (while we were driving in Moose Lake we saw the most awesome, one-of-a-kind pontoon boat for sale.  We had to turn around and check it out as it has a tiny little “cabin” on it made out of wood.  Inside the cabin is a single bed and a table and two benches.  Just like in a camper.  I made hubs call and I told him i really, really, really wanted it but would leave the decision up to him.  Do you know how hard that is for me?????   When I want something, I WANT it right now.  So I am waiting to see how this all plays out.)

So  take a drive to Askov and stop in at the Little Mermaid Cafe and see if you fall in love with this place as much as I have.  I know I will be back and will bring my “girlie friends”  and I hope you will, too.  And if you get “Bev” as your waitress, tell her you read about the cafe on my blog!

LITTLE MERMAID CAFE in the Pine County Historical Museum Bldg


Open 7 days a week